10 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites With Low Fees

10 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Sites With Low Fees

Crypto market has experienced a major boom, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the evolution of bitcoin as a mainstream technology people are thinking of trading Cryptocurrency.

If you are also thinking of becoming an investor, then at first you need a reliable Cryptocurrency exchange.  Since your whole fortune depends on this small investment, any error or mistake could ruin your trading.

In this guide, we have presented 10best Cryptocurrency trading sites that are not only reliable but also offer solid benefits to the investors. Let’s see how.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is best known for buying & selling cryptocurrencies effectively with transparent pricing, and strong security. It offers low fee structure and additional features compared to other Cryptocurrency sites.

Transaction Fees: 0.50% (Coinbase Pro) and $0.99-2.99 (Coinbase)


Variety of altcoin options

Simple user interface

Very high liquidity


User has no access to wallet keys

Coinbase Pro comes with high fees

  1. BlockFi

BlockFi is another brilliant platform in the list of top Cryptocurrency sites. It allows users to lend & earn interest on their holdings. You can borrow against holdings as well.

Bonus Offer: Get $250 bonus on depositing $25 and maintaining it for a certain period of time.


Zero fees

US-based platform

High interest on deposits


Limited free withdrawals

Doesn’t support coins and tokens

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  1. Cash App

It’s basically a peer-to-peer money transferring platform just like Venmo. It allows you to split food, shop online, pay roommate rent, and do other activities as well. It’s one of the most convenient crypto trading platforms in the market.

Transaction Fees: Varies


Easy money transfer

Easy withdrawal ability

Simple user interface


Daily & weekly withdrawal limits

Supports bitcoin only

3% charge on sending money through credit card

  1. Binance

Binance is a crypto currency exchange platform that strongly focuses on altcoin trading. It offers 100+ different trading pairs along with fiat-crypto pairs. It offers impressive features and charting abilities at reasonable fees.

Transaction Fees: 0.012% - 0.1%


Lower fees

Variety of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies

Advanced charting


Geared for advanced users

Few trading pairs compared to international version

Doesn’t support all states

  1. BISQ

BISQ is a decentralized and open-source exchange Cryptocurrency platform without any KYC requirements. It opens up the possibilities for easing buying and selling of crypto coins without any identification.


Decentralized platform

No KYC needed

25+ different payment options

Compatible to both iOS & Android


Slow transaction speed

Not created for active trading

Low trading volume

  1. Uphold

Another crypto trading platform in the list of top Cryptocurrency websites is Uphold. It’s basically an open-source account that doesn’t require trip back to cash. It allows users to trade multiple assets directly.


Transparent and simple pricing structure

Lots of stocks and crypto tokens like XRP

Compatible to both mobile app and desktop


Report of low customer service

Not so easy to operate

  1. eToro

eToro has been in the market for a long time. Now, they allow trading in not only UK but also United States. They offer variety of digital assets to sell and buy Cryptocurrency on their platform.

Bonus: eToro offers $50 as bonus to their new customers when they open a new account and trade crypto worth $1000. The offer duration is applicable before August 31, 2021.


Worldwide options for crypto trading

Ability to copy portfolios

Low minimum cost to start


Provides limited offers in US

Available in only 41 states

Doesn’t support coins and tokens

  1. Voyager

Voyager is one of the most popular and reliable platform for publicly traded exchanges. It is an app-driven trading structure that supports major cryptocurrencies. If you are a beginner, then Voyager is best for solid engagement and support.

Bonus Offer: With new Voyager account, new customers can earn up to $25 in BTC upon $100 crypto trading.


Easy to operate app

Easy trading structure

Provides solid interest rates


Not available in NewYork

Slow withdrawals (takes up to 1 day)

  1. is the fastest and largest growing crypto exchange platform that is Hong-Kong based. It offers lots of support and token, coins for US-based customers. If you live in US, then this trading platform seems to be the best for you.


Provides strong support to customers

Pays interest weekly on crypto saving

User can link debit card to their account


Complex fee structure

No desktop support

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  1. Kraken

Kraken is an original crypto trading platform that offers good selection of tokens and coins to the customers. It also offers margin trading. Now, you can trade in DOGE as well. However, it offers limited section of tokens and coins to US users.


Longest running crypto exchanges

High security level & trust

Variety of tokens and crypto for trading


Difficult with 2FA

Report of low customer support

These are some of the best and top Cryptocurrency websites for beginners. All the best for your first experience in the trading market.

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