10 Best Things To Do In European Countries

10 Best Things To Do In European Countries

Europe is the bridge between the worlds, old and modern world. The European countries have always been the center of attraction for tourists besides the fact that it is the second smallest continent of the World.

There are myriad things to do in Europe, whether you are an adventure lover or a nature lover. You can do something sporty as well as you can glance at the natural beauty with a glass of wine.

The best time to visit European countries is in the summer from June to September.  

Here are some of the things you can do in Europe

1. Visit Eiffel Tower

What's more romantic than an Eiffel Tower, this monument has witnessed many love stories. If you are single searching for love why not give it shot on love. A 324 m long monument looks breathtakingly beautiful in the evening with light works.

Best time to visit: After 5 pm in every Month

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2. Bus Ride in London

Well, many Bollywood movies showed this in a different scenario but now it’s your time to live your version of it. Take a double-deck bus ride and cherish every corner of London.

Best time to visit: December to February

3. Thermal Bath in Budapest

“City of Baths” is a well-known name for Budapest. One of the centers of attraction for sightseeing in Europe. These bathtubs are century old and visited by millions of people. There are several baths option some of them are ancient as well as modern you can choose according to your preference.

Best time to visit: Early in the Morning

4. Disneyland In Paris

Well, Disneyland is a dream to visit for every generation. Mickey and Mini have been our friends for a long time and continue to be. So without putting any age barrier on yourself, satisfy the kid inside you and visit Disneyland in Paris.

Best time to visit: In the Morning in all months

5. Sky Diving

The best activity for adventure lovers is Sky Diving. The free fall from the top will take your heart away for some second. But it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Enjoy this adventurous sport in the valley of Switzerland.

Best time to visit: June to August

6. Biergarten

Also well known as the Beer Gardens, from the German Culture. These are the German culture from the 19th century, which is still very lively to visit. These are in the lap of Zugspitze, can be reached only by cable car or foot. 

Best time to visit: Anytime

7. Scuba Diver

If not skies let’s go deep into oceans and why not go for both. Scuba Diver will give you a lifetime experience, the beauty of nature inside the ocean and the company of water creatures will blow your mind. So, listen to the heart and dive into the ocean to reveal a new world.

Best time to visit: In Summer or Autumn

8. Visit Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you are going to Europe so how can you miss Italy. The center of attraction for Italy is Leaning tower. Its structure is the USB of the monument. The 15 feet long building is tilted to 5.5 degrees, which makes it one of its kind.

Best time to visit: Morning to Afternoon

9. Take a boat ride on Rialto Bridge

When talking about Europe, how can we forget Venice? Let’s take a boat ride on the Rialto bridge, the oldest and most famous bridge. The boatman will take you for a 1-hour ride and you will forget everything else. 

Best time to visit: In the evening

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10. Shop in Prague's Christmas markets

If you are Shopaholic then you are at the right place, the Prague’s Christmas market is the place for you. You can celebrate Christmas even when it’s not time for Santa to come. Go and shop whatever you want and enjoy your visit to Europe. 

Best time to visit: November to January

These are the 10 best things to do in Europe. Go try them now and take a vacation from your boring life. 

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