10 Best Work From Home Jobs Suitable For Indian Women

10 Best Work From Home Jobs Suitable For Indian Women

After the pandemic, many people lost their job whereas new opportunities have knocked on the door. All the work shifted from office to home and people got the opportunity to work from home in their comfort zone. Many companies are still providing work from home, in which you don’t need a proper degree or qualification.

Nowadays, you have the power of the internet. Through the internet, you can learn new skills or upgrade yourself. Here are some of the options which you can do from and earn money:

  1. Online tutor

 You can teach people anything from home and earn money. It provides you the flexibility in timing as well as in a subject. Various organizations provide job online or freelancing opportunities.

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  1. Call center

 Many leading companies are hiring for customer care services for WFH, all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. They will also pay you for an internet connection and you can earn a decent amount out of it.

  1. Writing jobs

 Now everything is converted into what and how you say it. You can work as a freelancer or can work for any organization if you think you can write. If you can express yourself in words, don’t waste your money when you can earn from that.

  1. Financial Consultant Jobs

A housewife manages finance all her life being at home. This is something which no one can do better than you and you don’t need a degree for that. Many people like to take advice from others about finance. You can earn from your expertise.

  1. Digital Marketing

As everything is online and all you need is to click. Digital marketing jobs are very easily available but it requires knowledge and proper skills. You can do online courses for this job online or offline. In simple words, digital marketing is a job for boosting a business’s presence online.

  1. Data entry

Usually misunderstood as a manageable job, the job required patience and efficiency. In this job, you have to enter the given data by the company in the computer or on the server of the company.

These are very easily available jobs in the market, they might ask you some amount for the security of the data but be aware as you might get cheated on these jobs.

  1. Tiffin services

Women and food are related to each other for a very long time. Every woman makes food for her family. She loves to feed people, this can be an ideal job for many women. When people are suffering from COVID and not able to cook you can help them by providing your tiffin services as well as can earn from it.

  1. Social Media Influencer

Are you active on social media? These days social media are the new shops, and you can become the seller for big brands. Social media influencers get paid by a big brand to promote their products. All you have to do is post their product on your account.

  1. Vlogger

If you have expertise in certain areas like cooking, drawing or any talent teach them to others. Make vlog and post them on your channel. Not certain expertise is needed; you can make simple videos like how to spend your holiday videos and can post them on your channel. Once you get a specific amount of followers you can make money out of it.

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  1. Blogger

If you are not comfortable in front of a camera but good at playing with words. Well here is the job for you to write a blog. This function is similar to a vlog. The only difference is all you have to do is write about anything and everything on your blog and earn money from your writing.



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