Types of Biryani in India | Lucknowi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani And More

Types of Biryani in India | Lucknowi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani And More

Indian Culture is known for its lavish cuisines and when we talk about Indian Biryanis, it's something we can’t resist bingeing on. It has such a pleasant taste filled with flavorsome spices making it a perfect wholesome meal. With the base of the rice, this special delicacy offers distinct Types of Biryani from different states of India.

But we bet you from all the states these Indian Biryani recipes will satisfy you immensely. So, all the food lovers get ready to know the specialty of Biryani in India across different states and decide when you will visit there and enjoy these Super tasty Biryanis.

Distinct Types of Biryani Across Different States

1. Hyderabadi Biryani, Andhra Pradesh

Come to  Hyderabad and not try Hyderabadi Biryani, then your trip is incomplete. It is one of the most famous Dishes of India. This Biryani is extraordinary because of the usage of saffron and coconut. There are 2 types of Biryani served here- Pakki and Kacchi.

Pakki(cooked) is made from the cooking of Basmati rice and meat separately and then layering is done and Kacchi(raw) is made from the raw marinated chicken or lamb placed between the layers of rice. They are infused with loads of fried onions and some dry fruits.

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2. Lucknowi Biryani, Uttar Pradesh

This is another delicious Biryani which is quite popular. It is emanated from the ‘Persian Style of Cooking’.Lucknowi Biryani is also known as Awadhi Biryani. It is made with a unique method known as Dum Pukht.

Here the meat and gravy are partially cooked and then layering is made. This hot piping biryani is then served in Handi. It is light on the stomach as it has low spices.

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 3. Ambur Biryani, Tamil Nadu

When you visit Tamil Nadu, you can’t afford to miss Ambur Biryani, served in the small town of Ambur in Tamil Nadu. The specialty of this biryani is, the meat is soaked in curd before adding it to the rice and the rice is short-grain rice known as Samba. And then it is served with Brinjal Gravy.

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 4. Bombay Biryani, Maharashtra

When we talk of Biryanis, we can’t forget Bombay Biryani. The unique thing about this biryani is, It is infused with kewra and dried plums, giving it a sweet taste, also fried potatoes are put on top of Basmati rice.

 5. Kashmiri Biryani

It has its origin from Mughal Biryani, because of the occasional visits of Mughals to Kashmir, after Akbar conquered it. Kashmiri Biryani is a perfect blend of Chicken and Rice with dry fruits and Kashmiri spices. And the distinctive thing about this biryani is the use of asafoetida that enhances its taste.

 6.Memoni Biryani, Gujarat

It is a very spicy biryani among all the biryanis. Memoni Biryani is made with fewer tomatoes, slit chilies, lamb, yogurt, potatoes making it an amazing Biryani.

7. Kolkata Biryani, West Bengal

Like Bombay Biryani, this Biryani also has a sweet taste. Kolkata Biryani is originated from Awadhi style Biryani of Lucknow. It is known for the use of its super fine flavors with the use of ghee, soft-boiled eggs, and potatoes, yogurt-based meat with traces of sweetness. In addition to that nutmeg, saffron and kewra are also used giving it more tang.

 8. Thalassery Biryani, Kerala

Also known as Malabar Biryani as it hails from the Malabar region of Kerala. It is characterized by its indigenous variety of rice- Khyma or Jeerakasala instead of Basmati rice that is generally used.

Here the steamed rice is cooked with chicken wings, fried onions, Malabar spices, fennel seeds, and then Biryani is embellished with sautéed cashew nuts and raisins. One thing that makes Thalassery Biryani stand apart is its style of cooking, The rice is cooked separately from Mutton gravy and then mixed only at the time of serving.

 9.Bhatkali Biryani, Karnataka

This Biryani is part of Coastal Karnataka. Bhatkali Biryani has a fewer amount of spices, but still, it has a rich taste. It is adapted from Navayath cuisine and it is made with lots of onions, green chilies in a layered way. This biryani is cooked with less ghee or oil comparatively.

 10.Dindigul Biryani, Tamil Nadu

It is a popular dish in Chennai. Dindigul Biryani is made with cube-sized meat (mutton or chicken), jeera samba rice, and accompanied by curd and lemon with lots of pepper giving it a strong and piquant taste.

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