10 Faiz Ahmad Faiz Shayari To Get You Through Difficult Times

10 Faiz Ahmad Faiz Shayari To Get You Through Difficult Times

Faiz Ahmad Faiz is one of the most celebrated poets of modern Urdu literature. Born in undivided India, Faiz is acknowledged for his ghazals and nazms. His magnum opus would definitely be his revolutionary work which he was also sent behind the bars. But these difficulties didn’t stop him from inspiring millions of people through his words across the world. 

Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poetry talks about love and beauty but also has a heavily political undertone. Resilience and patience are one of the major themes of this later work. So whenever you come face to face with difficulties, these couplets by Faiz should be able to inspire you:

Vasl: Union/ Meeting

Youngsters often lose themselves in romantic relationships, but here, Faiz makes a profound statement that there are bigger problems in the world than love. Many times in life, we associate our hope with different types of achievements. This sher is a reminder that there is relief in things other than union or achieving something. 


Na-umid: Hopeless

There are times in life where we feel like we have met a dead-end. Any personal, financial or professional problem can damage a person’s confidence in him/herself. This sher declares that the heart has failed but it is not hopeless. There is a difficult time, but like any other situation, it will also pass. 

Justuju: Curiosity

Visal: Union/ Meeting

Mayassar: Availability

‘Never give up’ we say. Faiz puts it beautifully through this sher. Whenever you feel like all the doors are closed, simply keep looking. It’s also a poetic version of the entire concept of ‘manifestation’. Just keep your spirits high and keep hoping. Eventually, you will get your heart’s desire. 


Tarz-e-taghaful: Style of ignorance

Arz-e-tamanna: expression of desire

The shayari of Faiz Ahmad Faiz is full of the idea of hope. The poet says that the other person (lover) may keep ignoring me, I will still express my desire. This is a cue for you to never stop hoping in the face of adversities. 


parvarish-e-lauh-o-qalam: Maintaining the pen and paper

raqam: Chronicle, record

Historically, in the times of revolution, newspapers, and journalists have suffered the most. Here in this poetry, Faiz Ahmad Faiz asserts that he will keep on writing every event. Pen and paper are the most precious instruments in the hand of a revolutionary. 


Begana: stranger

Dil-fareb: Charming

I find this Faiz Ahmad Faiz poetry quite mischievous. He is telling his lover that the quest for livelihood is more charming than remembering you. In a way, it stands true to all our ordinary lives. No matter what, we keep on grinding ourselves to study, make our careers, and earning money all our lives. 


Shab-e-firaq: The night of separation

Another piece of Faiz Ahmad Faiz poetry which declares hope and resilience. Here he talks about how he spent the night of separation only by hoping that the lover will arrive soon. 


Dere: Tents

You will find a strong political undertone in Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poetry. Here he adds horrid details of a revolution, coloured with blood. He ultimately declares that we will rest only when the destination arrives. 


Sham-e-firaq: Evening of separation

Shayari of Faiz Ahmad Faiz tells you that no matter what, life goes on. People feel broken when difficult times come, but it is also time, which heals every wound. Life will give you a chance to look behind and laugh at the situation which felt like the end of the world once. You will recover from the heartbreak and move on.


Katib-e-vaqt: Book of time

Masarraten: Happiness 

Faiz Ahmad Faiz shayari aspires you for a better tomorrow. Difficult situations are a herald to better times. And time eventually turns for good. He says that today might be difficult, but tomorrow, we might be having happiness in our destiny. 


Shayari of Faiz Ahmad Faiz is appropriate for every mood a human can possibly have. I feel like I am ready to conquer the world after reading his poetry. Who do you look up to when you are feeling not so well. What is your ‘pick-me-up’ poet/ poetry? Let us know in the comments below. 


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