10 Great Ways To Deal With Selfish People

10 Great Ways To Deal With Selfish People

Being selfish to a certain extent is normal however when one becomes too self-absorbed or arrogant, the toxic behavior starts affecting everyone around. You might have also come across someone who makes you believe their world is better than yours or your presence is of lesser importance. These selfish people love to achieve their goals without caring how you feel. Being around such people will make your life miserable especially when it’s your partner or family member. Here are 10 ways to deal with selfish people calmly.

How To Deal With A Selfish Person?

  1. Accept They Don’t Consider You First

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is to be yourself. Accept their self-centeredness of considering themselves first. No matter whether it’s your bestie or person you love, accept that they lack willingness or skill to be considerate and thoughtful.

  1. Remind Yourself They Aren’t Your World

The individual fails to consider your feelings or thoughts when he/she is absorbed completely. At this moment, remind yourself your world doesn’t revolve around them. Don’t say ‘you never listen to me’ instead say ‘I want to talk something that’s bothering me for so long. Would you like to know?’

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  1. Bring Up Topics That Fills You

Try to talk about whatever interests you. For example, politics, cooking, carpentry, etc. Don’t pour all your attention onto the matter the selfish person brought up.

  1. Stop Doing Favors

Selfish people always want favors and appreciation. When this happens, you simply need to assert yourself and clearly state your feelings.

  1. Stay True To Yourself

Selfish people can easily push your buttons and bring up anger or frustration. Don’t engage in their games, instead, be true to yourself.

  1. Spend Less Time With Them

Try to spend less time with the self-absorbed and selfish person. Also, avoid chatting or messaging them as this can bring up tantrums.

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  1. Seek Better Friends

Don’t recall the agony, exhaustion, hurt, pain given by the selfish people and simply detach completely. Try to seek new friends at social events, volunteer centers, social media, etc. Spending time with better people not only entertains you but also helps you grow in life.

  1. Set Boundaries

Remember you can control your actions only not of anyone elses. Always set boundary when you are engaging with a selfish or self-centered person. This keeps your relationship balanced.

  1. Don’t Take Everything Personally

The selfish person is sharing their major concerns with you; it could be in form of harsh words, immature behavior, etc. So, you are not required to take everything at face value. Be less critical and leap forward for betterment.

  1. Don’t Call Out Their Selfish Behavior

The family member or friend, who turned the conversation into a full-rage debate, might be dealing with something you are not aware of. Hence, calling out their behavior will backfire on you. Instead, be thoughtful about the conversation.

These are 10 ways to deal with selfish people to keep your calm. 

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