10 Natural Home Remedies For Constipation | Constipation Home Remedies

10 Natural Home Remedies For Constipation | Constipation Home Remedies

Can you name three health issues that each one of us faces at least once in a lifetime? If you are thinking of heart attack, stroke, and cancer, then you are wrong. It is heartbreak, depression, and constipation. Constipation is the most common issue that alone affects 20% of the population every year. It can occur any time and at any place, like while traveling, changing diet, even working in an office.

If you have been experiencing it for a long time, then you must try these 10 home remedies to relieve constipation naturally.

Home Remedies for Constipation Relief

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Constipation mainly occurs due to dehydration. The food we eat goes through the stomach and reaches the large intestine or colon. If haven’t drunk enough water, then the large intestine soaks up the water from the food waste. The result is a hard stool that is difficult to pass. The simplest thing to get rid of constipation is drinking sparkling water often.

2. Eat More Dietary Fibre

Try to include dietary fiber in your diet. Being the best remedy for constipation, it increases the bulk & consistency of the bowel movement. Some of the fiber-rich foods you can include are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.

3. Milk and Ghee

Milk and ghee have long-known benefits and is considered one of the most effective home remedy for constipation. Take 1-2 teaspoons of ghee in a hot glass full of milk and drink it during bedtime. Ghee provides lubrication to our body and it clears the passage to the intestine.

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4. Anjeer

Anjeer is popularly known as ‘figs’. It’s an instant constipation relief when Anjeer is soaked in warm water. Fig has Rechana (Laxative) properties that promote bowel movement. Regular consumption of it enhances digestion.

5. Ginger Tea

Do you remember ‘adhrak wali chai’ your mom used to give when you were sick? Fortunately, it is an ideal home remedy to cure constipation. This herbal tea stimulates digestion and offers instant constipation relief. It also calms irritation of the digestive system that got happened due to eating a heavy meal.

6. Lemon Water

Lemon contains citric acid that aid in stimulating your digestive system. It can eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Being the simplest of all, it proves to be a natural constipation relief.

Take a glass half full of water and squeeze a fresh lemon juice in it. Drink it every morning. Other than this, you can add lemon to your regular tea to improve long-term digestion.

7. Coffee

Wondering how coffee eases the constipation issue? It’s a fact that caffeine kindles the muscles of your digestive system. So, grab a hot cup of coffee of your choice and speed up your stool.

8. Dalia

Dalia is a real solution for constipation. Being a fiber-rich content, it makes digestion proper and enhances the consistency of stool. This wholesome food increases metabolism provides essential nutrients, and is a good source of energy.

It’s a superfood for seniors who frequently deal with constipation issues.

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9. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds can cure constipation by lubricating your intestine for smooth bowel movements. You can add sesame seeds to salads or cereals and have it. Sesame seeds are also good for keeping skin healthy, shining hair, stronger bones, and blood sugar level control.

10. Bananas

Banana can either be a reason behind constipation or a healthy source of constipation relief. Green unripened bananas generally cause constipation. However, being a highly soluble fiber it can push waste through the bowel movement. Always pick bananas that are fresh and ripe.

These are 10 home remedies to relieve constipation naturally. Try to go with any of the 2 solutions provided above. 

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