10 Most Popular Bollywood Villains Whose Sons Are Now A Part Of The Industry

10 Most Popular Bollywood Villains Whose Sons Are Now A Part Of The Industry

Bollywood has been significant in India, being the major entertainer for people. While all of us are really interested in knowing lesser-known secrets about the prominent faces in the industry, every little detail matters somewhere. Today we have brought to you a list of actors who you never knew were sons of the popular Bollywood villains in the 80s and 90s. You will be fascinated as you move ahead.

1. M.B. Shetty - Rohit Shetty 

All of the 90s kids may have surely seen M.B. Shetty playing the villain in numerous Bollywood films. He was an action choreographer and stuntman from the 60s through the 80s. Now, there's no surprise as to why Rohit Shetty is such a great action director. Rohit has given us some of the most interesting action scenes in his blockbuster movies like Chennai Express, Singham, Singham 2, and the Golmaal Series.

2. Kabir Bedi - Adam Bedi 

There are many great villain characters we still applaud Kabir Bedi's performance for. The one in Khoon Bhari Maang is still the best and can give you goosebumps even today. While he is one of the most handsome Bollywood villains, he was married four times. Adam Bedi is his son from his marriage with Susan Humphreys who is now an international model. He made his entry in Bollywood with Hello? Kaun Hai!

3. Suresh Oberoi - Vivek Oberoi 

Suresh Oberoi had been one of the most sophisticated Bollywood villains of all time because of his work for both black and white roles. We all obviously know about Vivek Oberoi and his great performances.  

4. Shakti Kapoor - Siddhanth Kapoor 

When it comes to Bollywood villains, Shakti Kapoor is one of the most renowned names in the industry. However, there are many of his comic roles that are worth applauding. His son Siddhanth Kapoor Appeared recently in the film Haseena Parker. s

5. Mac Mohan - Vikrant Makijany 

Remember Samba from Sholay? He's Mac Mohan who actually wanted to become a cricketer but took this great decision to be a part of Bollywood forever. In his marriage with his wife Minni, he has two daughters and a son. Vikrant Makijany, his son, recently appeared in the movie, The Last Marble.

6. Amjad Khan - Shadaab Khan 

What in this world could be a perfect introduction for Gabbar? Amjad Khan's son Shadaab did his Bollywood debut through Raja Ki Aaegi Barat with actress Rani Mukerji.

7. Gulshan Grover - Sanjay Grover 

Gulshan Grover, the Badman of Bollywood has already appeared in over 400 films now. He is a single parent to his son, Sanjay Grover who is a director for special projects at a major international studio, with Metro Goldwyn Mayer.  

8. Danny Denzongpa - Rinzing Denzongpa  

This popular villain of Bollywood changed his name from Tshering Phintso Denzongpa to Danny when suggested by Jaya Bachchan. His son Rinzing is a model and will be making a Bollywood debut soon.

9. Dalip Tahil - Dhruv Tahil 

Dalip Tahil has given away many great performances in films like Baazigar, Ishq, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Raja, etc. His son, Dhruv Tahil is an actor and model in London.

10. Raza Murad - Ali Murad 

Raza Murad can be looked up to as one of the most versatile Bollywood villains and actors we have seen in the industry. His son, Ali Murad is studying theatre in London and may make an entry in Bollywood soon.

Like fathers, like sons. Indeed.

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