10 Most Thrilling Outdoor Activities And Things To Do In France

10 Most Thrilling Outdoor Activities And Things To Do In France

France is famous for being one of the most romantic travel destinations in Europe. It is the most visited country in the world as per the recent data. While the country is mostly preferred by couples for honeymoon and destination weddings, it is way beyond that. There are numerous outdoor activities with things to do in France for a satisfactory adventurous trip. 

There is an array of insane and incredible adventure activities in France that surely blow your mind. From cycling in the countryside to horse riding, bobsleighing or cliff jumping, there is an endless list of things to do in France. Let's take a look at the top 10 most iconic and jaw-dropping outdoor activities in France.

Top 10 Adventurous Things To Do In France 

1. Cycling

There are plenty of places to go cycling in France including mountains trails, glaciers, and many others. France is home to some of the best cycling spots and each spot is unique in its own way. You will be amazed to know that there is more than 60,000 km of paths that are ideal for cycling. 

Cycling is one of the most popular adventurous things to do in France and this will surely add some thrill to your trip. 

Cost: Depends on the rates of the booking agency

Location: Pl. Joseph Paganon, Huez

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2. Jump From The Cliff 

Have you ever dreamt of cliff jumping? If not then why not consider doing it here in the Calanques cliffs of France. It is situated in the Mediterranean region connecting Cassis to Marseille. These trails are ideal for both hiking and rock climbing but cliffs can be more exciting to make most of your trip. 

The only thing that is expected from you is that you are not afraid of height and are strong enough to climb from the top of the cliff. 

Cost: Depends on the rates of the booking agency 

Location: Marseille, France

3. Participate In The Booziest Marathon 

Marathon is arguably the best way to get showcase your strength and running skills. In France, you have the opportunity to show your running skills while enjoying various snacks and local French wines. It may sound weird but this is one of the most popular fun things to do in France

Also known as the Marathon du Medoc, this adventure event in France is popular among both locals and tourists. Not the marathon, but also the wines that attract the visitors to come here. The upcoming event will be held on September 20th, 2022. The participants must be 20 years old or above. 

Cost: 90 Euros to 185 Euros 

Location: Rue Etienne Dieuzede, Pauillac, France

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4. Surf Within The Belharra Wave 

If you enjoy surfing within the heavy waves then do consider taking a surfing tour within the biggest European waves i.e Belharra waves. The place is believed to have swallowed several ships within its majestic waves in the vintage era. These waves elevate up to a height of 8 to 15 meters. 

This is the best place to surf for professional surfers and a deadly challenge. Beginner and intermediate surfers are advised to avoid surfing here as it can be dangerous. 

Cost: depending on the season

Location: Rte de la Corniche, France

5. Bobsleigh 

Bobsleigh is a famous French sport where two or more people slide downwards on an ice surface while sitting on a sled. If you love high speed or are fond of snow sports then you definitely admire this amazing sport. The sport was first introduced in the 1992 winter Olympics that were held in Albertville. 

If you want to enjoy this sport and want to experience the true Olympic vibe then visit the La Plange. In this standard bobsleigh run, you will run 1500 m downwards with a speed of 125 m. It may sound scary but one of the most thrilling outdoor sports. 


  • Bob Rafting: 48 Euros
  • Bob racing: 128 Euros

Location: Mâcot-la-Plagne, France

6. Ziplining At Eiffel Tower 

The lovely city of Paris is surrounded by various skylines and each of them offers an opportunity to zipline from the top to bottom. If you want to the panoramic views of the city why not consider ziplining from the Eiffel Tower. Without a doubt, an adventure is incomplete if does not sound scary or insane the moment you hear about it.

The zipline will take a mile away from the Eiffel Tower within minutes with a speed of 56 mph. It is one of the top adventures in Paris that you must not miss. 

Cost: 26.10 Euros

Location: Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Paris, France

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7. Skiing 

More than millions of visitors come to France to enjoy the snow sports like snowboarding and skiing. However, these are one of the most expensive sports in France, thus you may search for the best deals before getting here. You can either book in advance or search for the best packages in France itself. 

The most crowded season for skiing is between February to March. Though, you can also enjoy this sport between November to April to avoid the heavy crowds. The best place for skiing is within the Alps. You can go for cross country skiing or skiing mountaineering course.


  • Per Day Charges: 35 Euros to 50 Euros 
  • Six-Day Passes: 180 Euros to 260 Euros 

8. Explore French Countryside On Horseback 

If love to explore the beautiful countryside of France then consider getting there on a horseback. The most popular region for horse riding is Camargue situated in Rhone Delta. If you are not a professional horse rider then you can hire an instructor. 

Cost: 25 Euros

Location: Rhone Delta, France

9. Mountain Climbing 

No matter in which season you are touring France, you can go mountain climbing throughout the year. Make sure some routes can be dangerous and can be covered with snow. In such a case, don't forget to carry special climbing equipment like ice axes and crampons. Don't ever attempt to do this without a guide accompanying you as it can dangerous. 

Before going mountain climbing, do proper research and look for professional associations that organize mountain climbing tours including an instructor or guide.

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10. Kayaking At Gorges Du Verdon

Gorges Du Verdon is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe and also one of the major highlights of France. The waters here run with a speed of 25 km and reaches a depth of 700 km. If you wish to explore this beauty then kayaking is the best option to come here. 

You can either hire kayaking with a single paddle or accompany someone with you. It is one of the most love spots for couples to visit while taking a kayaking tour. You can also spend sometime after tieing up your kayak and taking some 

Location: Verdon Regional Park, Gorges du Verdon

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