10 Most Unusual And Unique Things To Do In Scotland

10 Most Unusual And Unique Things To Do In Scotland

Being famous for several historical places, highlands, and beautiful landscapes,  Scotland has plenty of things to do which will give a uniquely Scottish experience of a lifetime. Some of the top things which attract tourists include mountain biking and hiking in Scottish highlands, swimming with the basking sharks, playing the royal sport of golf, and several others. 

Read along to know more about the unusual and unique things to do in Scotland.

10 Things To Do In Scotland

1. Swim With Basking Shark At The Isle Of Coll 

Have you ever thought of swimming with sharks? Sounds scary, doesn't it? But if you like to get up close to underwater creatures, this would give you a unique experience. Swimming with basking sharks is only possible in Scottish waters. It was one of the best things to do in Scotland if you want to experience wildlife.

As soon as you arrive, search for the sharks and observe their behavior. If they are relaxed then prepare yourself to enter the waters and experience cage-free swimming with this magnificent creature. 

Best Time to Visit: May to September

Location: Hebrides, Scotland

Duration: 9 to 10 hours

2. Mountain Biking At Kirroughtree

One of the hardest mountain bike destinations in Scotland, Kirroughtree is situated in southwest Scotland. There are 5 different trails available within the Kirroughtree. 

Bargaly Wood: The Bargaly wood trail is ideal for beginners and is around 6 km long.  

Doon Hill Extension: Take a glimpse of a beautiful landscape view while riding towards the Doon Hill Extension trail. Doon Hill track is 4 km long. 

Larg Hill: Another trail for beginners, the Larg hill trail is 10 km long.

The Twister: A 17 km long trail that flows down the mountains. 

Black Craigs: 31 km long and one of the hardest tracks, the Black Craigs is an ideal trail for mountain bike experts.

3. Hiking In Scottish Highlands 

In case you are looking for the best place for hiking in Scotland, then there are the 5 best highlands that you must include in your list. Hiking in these beautiful highlands is one of the best things to do in Scotland. 

Ben Nives: Also referred to as the “Mountain with its Head in the Clouds”, Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Scotland as well as in the UK. More than 125,000 hikers climb this magnificent mountain every year. 

Munros: Once served as a member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club, Munro is a group of over 280 mountains. Munros mountains are 3000 feet high.  

The Saddle: One of the highest peaks in Scotland and also one of the most sought-after locations among the hikers. The Saddle Mountain is over 1000 meters high. 

The Rings of Steall: The Rings of Steall is over 1000 feet high and covers an area of 16 km. As soon as you complete 120 m, you will find one of the highest waterfalls in Scotland.  

Ben Alligin: Also referred to as the “Jewel Mountain”, the Ben Alligin Mountain is over 986 high and 50 m above sea level.  

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4. Take A Seaplane Tour At Trossachs

Taking a seaplane tour is something you must have dreamt of. While touring Scotland you can make your dream come true by getting into a seaplane at Trossachs National Park near Loch Lomond. 

The flight takes off from the docks of Loch Lomond. It will be a 40-minute flight that will cover a total route of 70 miles. While in Seaplane, witness the aerial view of mesmerizing Scottish landscapes from the top.

5. Play Golf At Aberdeenshire

There are dozens of golf courses throughout Scotland where you can enjoy playing golf for hours. Among numerous golf courses, Aberdeenshire has one of the best golf courses in the world. 

The Golf course at Aberdeen is around 165 miles long and stands at a height of 100 feet. Golf is one of the top favorite sports in Europe and also one most sought-after things to do in Scotland among tourists.

Entry Fee: £175

6. Winter Sports

Scotland is one of the best destinations when it comes to winter sports. There are several locations where you can enjoy plenty of winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, ice wall climbing, and many more. The top locations to play winter sports in Scotland are Glenshee, Glencoe, The Lecht, Cairngorm, and Nevis Range. 

Top Winter Sports to Play in Scotland:

  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Curling 
  • Cross-country skiing 
  • Ice Skating
  • Sled Dogs  

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7. Horse Riding Knoydart Highland

How can you miss the royal culture of horse riding while visiting one of the beautiful European countries? Horse riding is quite popular among European countries and especially in the UK. 

In case you are wondering which is the best place for horse riding in Scotland then you should visit the Knoydart Highland. You can start your horse tour from the Wilder Way Guesthouse.   

Riding Weight Limit: 89 Kg

Skills levels: Intermediate or Advanced 

Horse Breed: Irish Cob, Arab, hackney, Connemara, Appaloosa and Irish Sports Horse

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8. Star Gazing at Galloway Forest Park

Stargazing is quite popular in Galloway Forest Park among both locals as well as foreign tourists. Don’t miss carrying a telescope or a high pixel camera while visiting Forest Park during the night. 

The pollution is minimal at Galloway Forest which will allow you to spot more than 7000 stars with your naked eyes. The milky way is clearly visible from this site which we couldn't see in a city area due to heavy lighting

9. Bird Shooting

Being a globally renowned country for offering world-class destinations of sports, Scotland offers several outdoor sports such as hunting, shooting and 100 other country sports. Among all of the country's sports, bird shooting is the most popular among the locals as well as tourists. 

The Red grouse and black grouse are the most preferred bird species among the shooters and hunters. Apart from this, you can also spot several other bird species such as partridge, ducks, and woodcock.  

Top Places to visit for Bird Hunting:

  • Cairngorms National Park 
  • Trossachs National Park
  • Isle of Skye 
  • Highlands Perthshire

10. Fishing 

Another famous country sport in Scotland after shooting. There are a number of fishing options to choose among which are atmospheric night fishing, river fishing, and loch fishing. Some of the fish species you can spot are brown trout, grayling, Atlantic salmon, and rainbow trout 

Top Places to visit for Bird Hunting:

  • River Ness
  • Craufurdland Fishery 
  • Loch Lomond
  • Balmule Fishery

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