10 Recommended Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoos For Healthy Hair

10 Recommended Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoos For Healthy Hair
Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoos

We are so much involved in our busy schedules nowadays that we don’t have the time to make those Ayurveda shampoos at home like our mothers and grandmothers used to make using Shikakai and Reetha. We all are now searching for chemically free shampoos which can provide great care to our hairs. And when we look out for such shampoos, we should primarily check whether these are paraben and sulphate free shampoos, as these components are highly harmful.

 Our lifestyle, diet, pollution and dusty environment damages the hair deeply. So, there is no option but to use such paraben and sulphate-free shampoos which provide actual cleansing to our hair.

Though many haircare companies brag about offering such products but we can’t rely just on their advertising, we need to check it accurately.

 If you are wondering what is paraben and sulphate, why it is not recommended and what all shampoos you should use, just check out this post.

 What are Parabens?

Parabens are harmful chemicals that are commonly used in hair care and beauty products as preservatives. Parabens such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparabens are quite cheap. Parabens are even known to affect membranes and are found in tumors too.

What are Sulphates?

Sulphates are nothing but the cleansing agent and lathering chemicals found in detergents. So, you can imagine you are washing your hair with those things that wash your clothes. These are used to increase the shelf life. They are extremely harsh and remove natural oils from your hair, leaving the hair dry, causes irritation to the scalp and promotes hair fall.

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 Natural Paraben and Sulphate Free Shampoos

 1. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo

This shampoo has a combination of three excellent conditioning oils- organic pracaxi, cameline seed and community fair. Consequently, it provides moisture and makes the hair look glossy. Also, it is free of silicones, sulphates, colourants and parabens.

 2. Khadi Pure Herbal Walnut Shampoo

It is suitable for all hair types. Khadi walnut shampoo makes the hair healthy, shiny and silky. Khadi Walnut Shampoo removes full dirt from scalp and hair. This shampoo has all-natural ingredients like aloe vera, walnut, neem, green tea, shikakai, fenugreek seeds, basil

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 3. OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo

It provides good nourishment to hair and works best for people who have dry and rough hair. This shampoo contains a blend of coconut milk and egg whites for providing proteins, nourishment and strength to hair. Makes the hair look soft and shiny. 

 4. Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo comprises of green apple extracts, sea algae and centella for nourishment and purifying of hair and scalp with natural minerals and proteins. It has a pH balanced formula and hence can be used every day. Even works in fighting dandruff.

 5. Khadi Natural Herbal Shikakai Hair Cleanser

This shampoo contains amla, tulsi, lemon and shikakai and other useful herbs. Khadi Herbal Shikakai shampoo works marvelously in providing growth and hair nourishment.

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 6. Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

This shampoo encompasses seaweed extracts and other natural ingredients that remove impurities from your scalp and are especially beneficial for hair. Aveeno is overwhelmed with proteins, vitamins and minerals which makes the hair healthy.

 7. Khadi Mauri Herbal Aloe Vera Shampoo

It is made using many ayurvedic natural ingredients. Khadi Mauri Aloe Vera Shampoo alleviates the dryness and itching on the scalp by moisturizing it. This shampoo has many antibacterial and antidandruff properties that avoid dandruff and other scalp conditions.

 8. SoulTree Hibiscus Shampoo with Honey and Aloe Vera

This shampoo incorporates organic hibiscus petals, aloe vera and moisturizing honey. Hence it perfectly cleanses your hair and makes it smooth.

 9. Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Amla, Honey and Mulethi

It is suitable for all hair types. This shampoo is a combination of amla, soya protein, honey, pure coconut oil and other useful ingredients. Honey makes your hair look shiny and smooth. It provides nourishing hair and prevents hair thinning.

 10. Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

This shampoo works best for weak and thin hair. Along with purifying the hair, this product works as a toning cleanser. Consequently, it adds to the hair strength and enhances texture and shine.

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