10 Secrets To Have A Happy & Satisfying Sex Life

10 Secrets To Have A Happy & Satisfying Sex Life

No matter whether you are a newly wedded couple or you’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, concerns regarding sex life will cloud your head at some point in time. If you are like most couples, you might be wondering what constitutes a happy sex life and how you can achieve it. From simple roll in the bed to regular romps with your partner, these 10 secrets will lead to healthy sex life. It’s time to have a happy sex life by break all bedroom barriers and create more heat between you and your partner both physically and emotionally.

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Creating a healthy and happy sex life takes planning and real work. Here are some happy sex tips to follow,

  1. Know Your Like & Dislike In Bedroom

Knowing what you and your partner like in the bedroom is the very first step to take. You can discuss with your partner what turns you on or off during sex.

If you still feel shy, then you can share it in the form of a fantasy. Try to use arousing & stimulating language.

  1. Focus on the Moment 

It’s easy to get distracted in our high-stress lifestyle and the same goes in romance as well. So, focusing on the moment and deactivating things that grab your attention is a must.

Tune out the noise to enhance sex life. This shuts off your anxious brain and you become playful with your partner in the bed.

  1. Create Positive Body Image

Sex life becomes challenging when your partner doesn’t feel good about her body image. You can help your partner in creating a positive body image.

Physical fitness not only increases energy level but also enhances attractiveness. It’s a bonus when it comes to having a desirable sexual experience.

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  1. Build Trust & Emotional Security 

If you are worried about your better half’s fidelity, then it’s hard to have a carefree romp with your significant other. You need to start a conversation and tell your partner how valuable and important he/she is. All in all, build trust and emotional connection.

  1. Check Partner’s Sexual Health

Before you ask an awkward question to your partner, it’s good to bring a positive spin on the discussion. Don’t go and straightaway ask your partner about STD or birth control-related question.

Get to know about his/her sexual histories and let him/her open to discussion.

  1. Use Right Products 

It’s certain as you age; your body takes a huge shift due to hormonal changes. Hence, to kickstart your journey of romance, you can use the right sex tools after foreplay.

  1. Plan Overnight Getaway

You are required to rev up your sex life from time to time. For this, you can take a trip with your partner and rekindle the romance.

  1. Experiment

As a couple, you can explore a vast array of sexual activities. It includes everything from erotica to the use of toys. A happy sex life also demands trying new positions and sex types like mutual masturbation, anal or oral sex.

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  1. Don’t Skimp Afterplay

Sex time is important however simply getting away after having sex fails to validate your relationship. After sex, you can talk, hold each other’s hand or cuddle to make him/her feel important.

  1. Right Timing

You might be in a mood but your partner might be off due to office stress or something. Having sex during this time doesn’t strengthen your relationship.

Hence, it is important to get the right timing and mood so that you both don’t compromise with your fantasies.

Follow these 10 secrets to have a happy sex life and enjoy overall fulfillment in life

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