10 Signs You are Workaholics and How to Control Your Addiction

10 Signs You are Workaholics and How to Control Your Addiction
10 signs of workaholics

We all know the word addiction, but if it is related to your work isn't it odd? People who are addicted to their work are known as workaholics. 

If its sabotaging your personal relationship and health because for that extra working hours, you are one of them.

There are more signs to identify a workaholic. 

Who are Workaholics?

Who are workaholics

The word was coined by the minister and psychologist Wayne Oats in 1971. Who describes “the compulsion or the uncontrollable need to work incessantly.”

A workaholic person tends to do more work than anyone else. They come to the office early and left at late hours. 

They have the addiction like an alcoholic person to compulsively do more work.

They even do not stop working when they are sick. Their mind is constantly indulged in the thinking of work and work only.They work like a maniac at the cost of their health and relationship.

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Alarming Signs of Workaholics-

Workaholic people's world revolves around their work. It's like they are living in a tiny world, whose name is 'Work'. These signs are the proof-:

1. People are always in a rush; they feel anxious if they do not complete their tasks on time. 

2. You avoid being with your friends and family members, because you have so many work commitment.

signs of workaholics

3. They forget their hobbies other than work.

signs of workaholics

4. During the day off, they still do work, due to the internal urge.

signs of workaholics

5. They hate vacation, instead of enjoying it and even they bring their work with them.

signs of workaholics

6. Restlessness and always trying to complete the task on time.

7. Get irritated easily if they are unable to complete their task on time.

8. Low immunity and never care about their health,. They always work hard to meet the deadline.

9. They never say ‘no’ to their work-related task.

10. They are always ready to take additional responsibility.

Steps To Deal with Workaholics' Personality-

If you recognize through the above signs that you are a workaholic, take some steps to stop this compulsion.

Steps to deal with workaholics

Take a Break- The best thing is to take a break from work. It is not easy to break that urge not to go to work. Best is taking the help of your close pal, to break that cycle of compulsion.

Time for Hobbies- Pay attention to your childhood hobby, whether it is playing football, arranging dominos, or others. A hobby will give you a sense of who you are actually

Manage Your Work- Make a work plan and stick to it. It helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Friends and Family- Spend Quality time with your family member and friends for mood refreshing.

Say Big Yes for Adventure Trip- Going on an adventure trip and participating in every adventure sport will give your mind relaxation.


Workaholics are the people who are obsessively involved in their work and forget about their own well-being. It is good to be passionate about your work. 

But if it’s taking your whole time and even yourself, better you should take some steps to control that urge to work more.

If you are not a workaholic at least you should help your colleagues who are workaholics.

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