10 Things Siblings Do To Annoy Each Other

10 Things Siblings Do To Annoy Each Other

Our brothers & sisters are the most important part of our life, whether it's to share a secret or convince parents for a trip, but they can be the most annoying ones as well.

Our siblings are the ones who know exactly what our weaknesses are they don't miss out on annoying us, teasing us & just drive us crazy. Here are some of the things siblings do to each other, that we think you will surely relate to.

1. Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera Hai


Clothes are always in the category of "jo tera hai woh mera hai" you never know when your clothes are taken swiftly by your siblings until you see an instagram picture of theirs. It's an unspoken rule between the siblings borrowing clothes without asking, which just drives you mad.

2. None of Your Business Means Nothing to Them

We all have had a love life hidden from our family and sometimes siblings, which once your sisters or brothers get to know, now it's their relationship. They won't shy away from being blunt with you, if they don't like the person. And sometimes your brothers threatening to beat the person up. But I guess, that's sibling love.

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3. Embarrassing You is Their Hobby

Your siblings are the ones who know your deepest and most embarrassing moments of your life, be it pooping in pants in 2nd grade or falling off the stairs. And instead of helping you they have taken a brief moment to make fun of you. And mentioning the incident at a family dinner or in front of your friends later on. 

4. The Blackmail Ninja Technique

The classic blackmail technique! When they give you that look and say the words "else I will tell dad or mom what you did 5 years ago" you know it's last nail. Now you have to do what they say, and it can be as simple as bringing a glass of water to their room. Siblings are a mystery.

5. Hiding Your Favourite Things

Siblings love to torment each other and there's nothing more annoying than when they hide your favourite shoes or pen that they know you love and randomly remind you, to look for them. The look of satisfaction on their face as you frantically look for your things is a gift for them.

6. Remote Fights

We all have has this haven't we? Setting timings to share the remote and still fighting over it, even if it's 1 minute more. Because watching T.V. has been more fun that way. The screaming & snatching it's no less than a wrestling match, only worse.

7. Sharing is Caring? What?

Yes. That never applies to your siblings, if they have headphones that they're not using at the moment and you touch it, your sibling will automatically appear & say, "I'm using it." And the argument always lands on, "it's not yours dad bought it." And who wins? Them, ofcourse because it's theirs.

8. "Sshhh Koi Hai...."

We all have that one sibling who is afraid of ghost stories, and annoying or scaring them is the best part. Making sounds and reminding scary scenes from a movie late at night, it's better than a horror movie itself. It's horror comedy & we love it.

9. Fight Club

No matter what age you are, hitting your siblings or casually tripping them over is as mature as siblings can get. The random fights that turn into a 5 days fit where you don't even remember what you were fighting for is what fights between siblings are like

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10. Complimenting Each Other


No matter, if you're walking the redcarpet or you're getting married, you will always look like dirt to your siblings. Throwing insults at each other is how we express our love and if they don't do it, you know something is wrong. 

That's all the things we could list out, don't forget to give your siblings the love they deserve.

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