10 Timeless Outfit Ideas From Sex And The City 

10 Timeless Outfit Ideas From Sex And The City 

Sex and the city served the world with life-long friendships, hopeless romance, the unpredictability of life and loads of fashion. When we play the game of which Sex and the city character would you be, it is based on fashion. Naturally, sex and the city fashion has inspired an entire generation and it continues to do so. 

Carried Bradshaw has an eclectic flair to her. Her wardrobe is full of couture brands. Samantha Jones’ outfits lean towards skin-baring dresses fit for a party. Miranda and Charlotte dressed in a more conservative, sophisticated manner. Through the six seasons of the iconic show, you have plenty of moments from which you can steal the designer looks. Here are some sex and the city inspired outfits for you:

Relaxed But Fashionable 

Fashion doesn’t need to be painful. It doesn’t mean only a bodycon dress. Carrie Bradshaw teaches you how to be fashionable while donning breathable clothes. This breezy white top combined with capri pants is a perfect beach outfit. The pee-ka-boo lacey lingerie is sexy without being in your face.

Also, one fashion tip that you can take away from any Carrie Bradshaw look is that do not underestimate the power of accessories. She wears a satin scarf and pastel handbag and brings it all together with those heels. 

Feminine And Flowy

There are days when you do not want to put too much effort but still want to look put together. This look is your answer.

Carrie is wearing a simple pastel dress but the frills on the dress make it look so romantic. She is carrying a matching handbag and nude heels. This is such a versatile look, you can throw a blazer and make it office-appropriate. Add in some jewelry and you will be ready for a night out. 

Be Extra 

Ladies, you do not need to confine yourself through the notions of mediocre society. If the need arises, be extra and take lessons from Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic outfit.

Carrie is wearing a cardigan over her dress. That’s how you make multiple uses of one outfit. Then there is a wide belt to accentuate the waist. A brown fluffy coat to bring the entire look together. To jazz things up, Carrie brings pops of colour through her shoes, handbag and scarf. 

Boho But Fancy 

Another one of Carrie Bradshaw's outfits which are low-key yet extremely stylish. She wears a flares high-skirt but combines it with a typographic T-shirt with sleeves roughly rolled up.

To spice things up she wears pink heels and adds a boho handbag to the look. If you switch the skirt for any other long or midi-length skirt, this is a beautiful outfit for college goers or even perfect for a day trip


The sequence is your answer to a perfect party dress but it can be tricky to wear. Sex and the city clothes are here to help you out.

Since Carrie’s dress is already quite prominent, the cut of the dress is basic. She also keeps her jewelry minimal with big hoops. The hair is kept in a sleek bun. Shoes and bag are there to compliment her look and not to distract you from her outfit.

Next time, when you don’t know what to wear for that party, try this look

Red Code

Samantha’s dressing sense in the show was very sensual and sultry. While most women shy away from all red outfits on a regular day, Samantha nails the look in her own way. She embraces the colour red by using it in her accessories also.

However, her makeup is minimal and dewy. This is a great monochromatic look. 

Not Your Basic LBD

The style icon Samantha teaches you how not to look basic in your Little Black Dress. The cut-outs in her dress give it a more sultry, feminine appeal.

She proudly flaunts her curvilicious body in this body-con dress. Samantha adds a pop of colour through white heels and a snake print clutch. 

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Boss Lady 

Charlotte’s style was more on the sophisticated side. This is such an easy breezy look that anyone can pull off. She wears a white dress that has appropriate length. The neckline is not too conservative to keep the look stylish.

She matches the colour of her bag and shoes for a cohesive look. This is a great tip if you are confused about what bag and shoes to carry with a dress. 

Comfortably Chic 

Charlotte looks adorable in this outfit. She wears a basic printed dress and uses a black bag and nude shoes to keep things easy on the eyes. But, this way the look is boring.

Then comes the pop of pink through her jacket and voila! She looks like a million bucks. 

Business Formal 

This look can be worn even today at workplace and it will look equally put together. Miranda’s dress has a clean cut and looks elegant. This is the type of clothing in which you should invest.

Her shirt is not completely buttoned up which looks feminine. Her necklace breaks up the outfit and makes it more stylish. Her broach serves as an inspiration to make your work outfit stylish. 

Hope these dresses from sex and the city inspire you for making a stylish appearance. Which sex and the city clothes did you like the most? 


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