10 Upcoming Festivals In Spain To Attend

10 Upcoming Festivals In Spain To Attend

Spain is the second most popular tourist destination in the world and welcomes more than 82 million visitors every year. If you are wondering what attracts so many visitors, then it is the vibrant culture of Spain having diverse and unique festivals. Attending a festival in Spain is one of the best ways to experience its culture and get close to Spanish locals.

Spain is arguably one of the best places to visit having plenty of tourist sites, but nothing can be more enjoyable than attending a Spanish festival. While some of the festivals in Spain are significant to a specific religion or have something to do with the country’s glorious past, there are other festivals that are only celebrated for partying or just for fun. 

If you are seeking a trip to Spain by the end of this year, then read along and take look at these top 10 Spanish festivals to attend.  

Top 10 Festivals In Spain 

1. San Fermin - Pamplona Bull Run

This is one of the most popular festivals in Spain which is known globally even by those who haven't been to Spain. It is one of the world’s most dangerous events where locals of Pamplona and tourists try to outrun a crazy bull in the streets. Over the years, many people have suffered severe injuries while attending this deadly event.

The festival is held every year in during the month of July and lasts up to one week. The event starts at 8:00 AM each day and goes on till the day ends.   

When: July 6th to 14th July 2022 

Where: Pamplona, Navarre Province

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2. Saint John’s Eve

One of the most popular Spanish fiestas celebrated during the summer is Saint John”s Eve. During this festival, the entire country witnessed the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The festival takes place near the Mediterranean region which actually originated in the era of Paganism, the ancient religion.

It has now been Christianised with a course of time in order to celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. Though, locals only celebrate it due to its origin in Paganism. On this day, people gather on beaches and put conduct various unique rituals like walking on coal, jumping over the flame, and setting off firecrackers to make it more lively. 

When: June 23, 2022

Where: Mediterranean Cost 

3. La Tomatina

The first thing that would come to your mind the moment someone mentions Spain is without a doubt the popular tomato festival “La Tomatina”. La Tomatina is celebrated in the Bunol region, situated around 40 km away from the incredible city of Valencia. More than 10,000 participants attend this grand event every year and including both locals and tourists. 

When: August 26, 2022

Where: Bunol, Valencia 

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4. The Semana Grande

Semana Grande or Great Week is one of the traditional Spanish festivals celebrated in the northern region of Spain. The legendary festival takes place during the month of August in the city of Bilbao. So what is so unique about Semana Grande? The event is filled with numerous concerts in addition to a parade of giant puppets. 

When: August 20 to August 28, 2022

Where: Bilbao, Northern Spain  

5. Sonar Barcelona

Sonar is one of the most popular musical events in all over Europe and is held every year on one of the weekends in June. The event welcomes thousands of attendees and fans from all over Europe alongside some tourists. The festival first started in 1994 and ever since it has welcome various notable musical artists to perform on stage.

The event occurs two times a day, thus divided into two parts i.e Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night. Both of these took place in two different locations. Due to this grand musical event, Barcelona has earned the title of European musical capital. 

When: June 16 to 18th, 2022 

Ticket Price: 165 Euros 

Where: Barcelona

6. Feria Del Caballo

During the festival of Feria Del Caballo, various finest-looking horses are displayed in the lovely town of Jerez. The event occurs every the month of May and is usually celebrated either in the first week or the second week. Thousands of spectators attend this vibrant event from neighboring cities. 

Other attractions of this event include live flamenco performances and plenty of food stalls. The festival is already passed for the current year, so if you are willing to attend this event then plan your trip next year between the second to the third week of May. 

When: May 9th to May 16th, 2022 

Where: Jerez

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7. Benicassim Festival

The grand musical event of Spain lasts up to 3 to 4 days and is held on the eastern coast between the Valencia province and Barcelona. Do join the enormous crowd and enjoy the most breathtaking musical event in Spain. Some Britishers have even claimed that Benicassim is can beat British festivals. 

When: July 14 to 17, 2022

Ticket: 200 Euros 

Where: Barcelona and Valencia 

8. Amorevore Food & Arts Festival

Amorevore is a Spanish Fiesta that is unique in its own way and is like no other food festival in the festival. The food festival is hosted every the month of October and lasts for a single weekend. It is attended by more than 500 gastronomic experts from all over the globe.

Here you can also taste healthy food, enjoy lectures, attend conferences, purchase local products and much more.  

When: Not Confirmed 

Where: Casa Maca, Ibiza city

9. Festa Major De Gracia

Yet another summer fiesta of Spain is the Festa Major De Gracia which is celebrated in the country’s football city “Barcelona”. Each and every neighborhood comes together on this day in an event in order to win the title of the most decorated and beautiful street. There is hardly anyone who never takes part in this event.

The Stunning and unique decorations by several neighbourhoods give another level of charm to the lovely streets of Barcelona.  

When: August 15th to August 21st, 2022 

Where: Barcelona, Catalonia 

10. Feria De Malaga 

This Spanish fiesta is completely filled with a range of fun activities and is participated by people from all age groups. The event is attended by such a massive crowd that it becomes almost difficult to travel to Malaga city by car. This is mostly loved by partygoers and nightlife lovers as it is generally beheld during the evening. 

Attending this Spanish fiesta is a must if you are ready to spend your entire day here in Malaga. Like other Spanish festivals, Feria De Malaga too consists of several musical performances and a variety of food stalls. 

When: August 15th to August 24th, 2022

Where: Malaga, Costa del Sol 

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