10 Warm & Cozy Winter Breakfasts Ideas To Set Your Day

10 Warm & Cozy Winter Breakfasts Ideas To Set Your Day

Breakfast is one of the important morning meals you must never skip. Otherwise, you can experience health issues like fatigue, low blood pressure, constipation, etc. Breakfast provides your body with the needed energy to carry out the everyday errand. You can consider it as a fuel that charges your body and mind to prep for the day ahead. It’s rightly quoted by A.A.Gill,

‘Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life’

Given below are 10 energizing and cozy breakfasts that are loaded with necessary nutrients and vitamins to get the energy flowing throughout your body and mind.

Healthy and Cozy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Oats Idli

If you want to have something light in the morning, then try Idlis made out of oats. Idli is the most popular South Indian treat that easily fits in your meal course. You can pair Oats Idli with sambar and chutney. This low-calorie breakfast is all you need to lighten up your boring morning.

  1. Methi Ka Thepla

Thepla is basically a soft Indian flatbread that can be prepared easily at home. It can be taken both in breakfast and lunch. Get the day going with ‘Methi Ka Thepla’

  1. Dal Ka Paratha

Are you thinking about what to do with the leftover dal? The answer is to make ‘Dal Ka Paratha’ Use leftover dal in the dough and roll out dal parathas. You can either pair it up with pickle or curd.

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  1. Rawa Upma

Rawa Upma, a delicious South Indian treat that is served with grated coconut, can make an impeccable morning meal. All you need is fresh vegetables, spices, curry leaves, aromatic nuts, and lentils.

  1. Uttapam

Uttapam is more of a dosa-like meal that gets prepared by whisking rice, spices, and urad daal. The topping requires tomatoes, onions, and curry leaves. Uttapam is easy and light on the stomach. Thus, makes it a perfect meal for brunch, breakfast, and evening snacks.

  1. Poha

Poha is heaped with nutrition and vitamins. The subtle aroma and flavor pull everyone towards itself. You can add your favorite veggies, and season it with ‘jalebi’. Yes, you heard it right! Just try it once and you will crave for more.

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  1. Aloo Paratha

It’s hard to forget those days when we use to have ‘Aloo Paratha’ in school lunch time. Do you remember it? Of course, everyone does. Aloo Paratha is the most loved and consumed breakfast meal in an Indian household. In north India, the parathas are paired up with pickles and curd for lunch or brunch.

  1. Moong Dal Cheela

Moong Dal Cheela is another nutrition-packed breakfast meal. Firstly, you need to prepare Cheela using Moong Dal and whip it up with chutney.

  1. Misal Pav

Misal Pav is traditional Maharashtrian breakfast meals that can kick start your day instantly. Stuff it with flavorful vegetables and serve it with fluffy pavs.

  1. Namkeen Seviyaan

Want to give your mundane and boring morning a waking call? Start you day with Namkeen Seviyaan. The versatile vermicelli is mixed with salty seviyaan and cooked in minimal oil. The meal is truckload full of desi flavors.

These are the top 10 healthy and cozy breakfasts for winter. You can make your every day interesting with these winter breakfast recipes and set the rest of your day.

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