10 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Someone In A Week

10 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Someone In A Week

Believe it or not, obsession over someone can take over your entire life. The same repetitive thoughts and dialogues in your mind not only steal your willpower but also sap your attention from the task at hand. When they are mild, you can overcome them easily; however, when it becomes intense or laser-focused, it takes over you and feeds you with worry, tension, rejection, etc. It can even paralyze you if not fixed. Here are 10 ways to stop obsessing over someone.

How To Get Over An Obsession?

  1. Acknowledge Your Obsession

The very first step is to acknowledge your obsession. Rather than giving in to your thoughts and feelings, you recognize it.

By acknowledging that it’s not healthy, you stop being hard on yourself. Accept whomever you are obsessing about and start working on it.

  1. Identify The Cause

It is important to know and understand the root cause of your obsession before you find the solution. Ask yourself what triggers your obsession. It could be a thought of your beloved who betrayed you or a friend who teases you on a particular thing.

  1. Find Solutions to Control It

If you wish to stop obsessing over someone, you need to control your thought patterns. Some of the techniques you can do to stop thinking are mindfulness, breathing exercises, meditation, etc.

  1. Keep Yourself Busy

One of the best ways to distance you from unwanted thoughts is by staying busy. Keep your mind occupied with something productive. Do it until there are no pesky obsessions.

  1. Turn off Social Media

Most of the time thoughts linger in your head because you constantly stalk about that person on social media. By turning off social media, you have a better chance to delete the memory of that person.

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  1. Distance Yourself

Want to get rid of obsessive or compulsive thoughts? The easiest way is to distance yourself from that person. Avoid those places where you use to go with your ex. Also, avoid meeting that person in public places.

  1. Take The Person Off The Pedestal

Sometimes we create misconceptions about someone’s personality and end up giving elevation to them to a pedestal. This can stress you out someday.

Don’t demonize them and take them off the pedestal.

  1. Start Journaling

Writing down positive as well as negative traits of someone can help you release worry, anxiety, and tension. It also helps you see the bigger picture.

In addition to this, jot down your feelings and thoughts to gain a better insight into your habits.

  1. Focus On Yourself

The best way to avoid thinking about your ex or crush is by focusing on yourself. You can sharpen your skills, increase your knowledge, or revisit an old hobby. Whatever it is, it should end up benefiting you.

  1. Socialize

You can stop sulking and wallowing deeply in old thoughts by socializing. You need not have to rely on social media; you can make real connections publicly as well.

Follow these 10 steps to overcoming obsession in a relationship. This gives you time to reflect on what’s essential.   

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