13 Famous Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

13 Famous Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

Undeniably, we some highly talented celebrities around us to admire and get inspired by. While nothing in life is predictable, many of the famous celebrities seem to be possessive about the amazing qualities they have. These characteristics have a major role to play for their looks and work, which earns them all the fame in this world. We have a list of a few Indian and international celebrities who have insured their body parts for huge amounts of money. While it may sound weird, it something valid for them. Read further to know all the names on the list.

1. Priyanka Chopra 

Priyanka Chopra has inured her pouty smile. 

Priyanka Chopra is one of the few people who have a natural pouty smile, and it's worth dying for. While people around the world consider getting cosmetic surgery, PeeCee flatters everyone with her dazzling natural smile. The stunning international actress knows how precious her smile is. Thus, she got her smile insured and has copyright to it. No one can get a smile like her through surgery unless she's paid for the same.

2. Mallika Sherawat 

Mallika Sherawat insured her entire body. 

Mallika Sherawat is popular for having one of the finest bodies among all bollywood actresses. She knows how much people appreciate her body, idolize, and demand in the industry. She has worked a lot on her body to keep it flawless. The actress did not obsess over a single part of her body but went on for insuring it entirely. Although she did not think of doing so, an American insurance agency approached her itself to get this done.

3. Rihanna 

Rihana inured her legs. 

Rihanna is a leggy lass singer, and apart from her voice, she has redefined beauty in every way possible. While most of the singers consider insuring their voices, Rihanna is a lot more possessive about her sexy legs. She got them insured for $1 Million.

4. Amitabh Bachchan 

Amitabh Bachchan insured his voice. 

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the greatest living legends and the best actors of all time. Apart from the most loved characters, he has played over all these years, the most admired characteristic about him is his voice, which can literally give you goosebumps. While the legendary actor knows how precious his voice is, he considered the decision of insuring his baritone. Many times, people had unethically used his signature voice to advertise activities smoking and tobacco, which was a major reason Mr. Bachchan did so.  

5. Julia Roberts 

Julia Roberts insured her smile. 

Julia Roberts has a smile as pretty as her. Even a tilt head would consider stopping by and smiling back at her. Julia has insured her million-dollar smile for $ 30 Million. If anything happens to her smile, she will get this big amount of money.

6. Lata Mangeshkar 

Lata Mangeshkar insured her voice. 

The 'Nightingale Of India', Lata Mangeshkar has offered the audience much more than songs. Her voice penetrates into the little things happening in life, and everyone resonates well with them. While her voice cannot be replaced, her career had been totally dependent on it. When she realized this, she went ahead to insure her beautiful, soulful voice.

7. Sunny Deol 

Sunny Deol insured his dialogue delivery and voice. 

Although crazy, somewhere, we all expected Sunny Deol to get his arms insured. However, quite shockingly, he did so for his voice and dialogue delivery. His voice is definitely the favorite of every mimic, and this has been one of the reasons to upset the actor. While he has no objection to his voice being imitated, he says that people should know their limits.

8. John Abraham 

John Abraham insured his butt. 

John Abraham is appreciated for the delicious body he has among all other male actors in bollywood. Tagged as the 'gay icon', the actor actually made all hearts beat faster when he flashed his butt in his movie 'Dostana'. It was when John realized how great his butt actually looks and got them insured for a whopping amount of Rs.10 Crores.

9. Neha Dhupia 

Neha Dhupia insured her butt. 

It is said that an American company approached Neha to get her butt inured. The actress seemed hooked to the idea. However, there was no further confirmation on what did she decide.

10. Madonna 

Madonna insured her breasts. 

Madonna is one of a kind entertainer and a great musician. She's one of the legends who never seem to grow old. She has a great fan following and known for her bold demeanor. The admired female singer has posed in conical bras at different times and got popular for that. Considering the preciousness of her characteristics, she got her breasts insured for $ 2 Million.

11. Rakhi Sawant  

Rakhi Sawant insured her butt. 

Rakhi has been one of the most outspoken actresses who never shy away from voicing their thoughts regarding their sexuality, cosmetic surgeries, or personal life. To make sure that her hot avatar does not lose existence, she got her assets insured.

12. Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez insured her butt. 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most iconic international stars with the hottest bodies despite their growing age. Over all these years, her butts had been a hot topic for discussion and grabbed most of the brownie points. To take care of her priced possession, she got them insured for 300 million dollars.  

13. Adnan Sami 

Adnan Sami insured his fingers. 

While we can never get enough of Adnan Sami's amazing voice and "Tera Chehra", one of his best albums, the legendary singer and musician is a lot more talented than you may have known. He can play more than 35 musical instruments and remains the fastest keyboard player in the world. Well, this fact is more than enough for his decision to get his fingers insured. 

Knowing about most of the famous celebrities can be quite surprising at times. 

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