15 Amazing And Unusual Facts About Indonesia That Will Make You Crave For A Trip 

15 Amazing And Unusual Facts About Indonesia That Will Make You Crave For A Trip 

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful Asian countries which combines over 17,000 islands and out of those only 6,000 are inhabited while the rest have no human or animal occupation. Being the largest county in Southeast Asia, the country has a huge number of beaches, crystal clear lakes, and rainforests. 

Apart from some beautiful places to visit and explore, there are some unusual facts about Indonesia which you may have not heard of. While many of you have only known Indonesia either for Bali, several religious places, or the Indonesia Capital” Jakarta”, There are other things which should be aware of before planning a trip to Indonesia.

Let’s explore the top 20 amazing and unusual facts about Indonesia that will force you to plan the trip right away.  

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Top 15 Facts About Indonesia 

1. Indonesia Is The World’s Largest Archipelago

Situated in the Southeast religion of Asia, Indonesia lies between the Indian as well as Pacific oceans. The country is the largest archipelago in the world having 34 provinces. It is one of the most popular facts about Indonesia which attracts millions of tourists to visit. If travel you from one side of Indonesia to the opposite side then it will take around 12 hours. 

The Islands are so big that plenty of unique things do to and explore. Make sure you have done proper research before planning a trip Indonesia has there is so much to explore, you may end up wondering where to start. 

2. Indonesia Has The Largest Flower In World

The world’s largest flower” Amorphophalllu Titanium”, is here in Indonesia. It is one of the most odorous flowers which can be smelled even from a mile of distance. The odor of this flower is quite unpleasant which smells like rotten meat, unlike a usual flower. 

The flower is grown in the rainforests of Indonesia and grows up to 3 feet with a weight of 8 to 10 kg. It is also referred to as corpse flowers due to their unpleasant smell. Finding this flower is not easy as it seems because the flower lasts only for a few days.

3. It Is A Home To World’s Largest Volcanic Lake

The largest volcanic lake “Lake Toba” lies here in Indonesia, under the volcano in the North Sumatra region. The lake is around 500 meters deep and spans up to 100 kilometers. It is believed that the place where Toba Lake lies witnessed a massive eruption around 70,000 years ago and killed most of the humans that lived here during that time. 

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4. The Country Has Over 400 Volcanos 

Indonesia is the third country to have the most number of volcanos in the world. There are more than 400 volcanoes in Indonesia and around 130 of them are still active. Having a huge number of volcanos, Indonesia has also witnessed two of the most disastrous volcanic eruptions in the world. 

The first eruption occurred in 1815 that affected the climate badly. Due to this eruption, Europe witnessed no summer in the following year. The second most eruption occurred in the year 1833 which led to a massive tsunami and over 40,000 people were killed. 

5. The Coastline of Indonesia Is World’s Second Largest

As Indonesia has a huge amount of islands, it has the second-largest coastline in the world after Canada. The Indonesian coastline spreads up to 54,716 km. The coastline is filled with palm tree beaches, crystal clear ocean, or sea waters, which is worth a visit as a tourist.  

6. The Indonesia Flag Is Similar To Monaco Flag

One of the lesser-known and one of the most unusual facts about Indonesia is the resemblance of its flag from Monaco. Both the flags have the same red and white stripe. The top portion has a red stripe while the bottom portion of the flag has a white stripe. The only is, the Indonesian is much wider than Monaco’s flag.

There is one more flag that resembles the Indonesian flag i.e the flag of Poland. The Poland flag is the exact reverse of Indonesia’s flag. 

7. Indonesia Has 9 World Heritage Sites

The country has 9 sites that are listed among the World Sites as each of them offers something unique. The list includes 3 national parks, 2 temple compounds, a rainforest, a coal mine, a site of early humans, and a cultural landscape in Bali. These sites are a must-visit while you are traveling to Indonesia. 

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8. Home To Over 100 Endangered Animals In Indonesia 

The Indonesian rainforests are one of the most biologically diverse all over the world. The country is rich in species including more than 100 endangered species. Some of the animals are on the of extinction due to a massive loss of rainforests. Some of the endangered species include the Sumatran tiger, the orangutan, Javan Rhinoceros, and others. 

9. Indonesia Is One Of The Most linguistic Countries

Indonesia is one of the few countries which is not only diverse and culture and religion but also in the languages they speak. There are over 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. Islam being the majority religion in the country, there are many other religions followed or practiced in this country and with different religions, they also speak different languages. 

In most of the parts, you will hear people speaking Malay or Bahasa while in Hindu majority areas such as Bali, you would hear people speaking a much different form of Bahasa language. 

10. It Is A Home World’s Largest Lizard In World

The World’s largest lizard named the Komodo dragon lives here in Indonesia. The lizard is around 2 meters long and can be found on 5 of the islands in Indonesia. These lizards are quite terrifying and you should get close to them. They are carnivores and can eat animals that are much bigger in size. Not just animals, they can also kill humans. 

The giant lizard is usually found in Komodo national park which is listed among the 9 World Heritages of Indonesia. It is best advised to spot these animals from a far distance as they attack you anytime.

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11. Indonesia Is First The Developing Countries To Have Its Own Satelite

Having their satellite is yet another achievement on Indonesia’s bucket list. In the year 1976, the country became the first developing country to have its own satellite. The satellite which Indonesia launched was named Palapa which belonged to the famous telecommunication company “Indosat”. 

12. Houses Colour Changing Lakes

 You must have seen or heard of lakes with unique and different colors, but have ever heard of the color-changing lakes? In Mount Kelimutu, there is a unique lake that frequently changes its color. Sometimes it becomes blue, coca-cola brown, red, turquoise, or even black. 

While some people believe that some departed souls reside in this lake as per some local folklore. Some people also believe that frequent color change occurs due to the interaction of minerals with volcanic gases. 

13. The Most Instagrammed Capital In The World

Recent reports by Instagram have revealed that the Indonesia Capital “Jakarta” is the most frequently used in hashtags and stories, thus making it the most Instagrammed destination in the world. The beautiful city of Jakarta is home to over 10 million people and the other 8 million come here to work daily. 

Being the capital of the country, Jakarta is one of the busiest cities in Indonesia. The city of Jakarta is to Indonesia what New York is for the United States. It is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia, especially for its quality of life, culture, and variety of cuisines.  

14. It Is One Of The Cheapest Country To Visit

As per the reports of the World Economic Forum, Indonesia is one of the top 10 cheapest countries to visit. It is listed as the 5th best value after countries like Algeria, Malaysia, Egypt, and Iran 

15. The Most Explosive Mountain In The World Is Here

The Mount Tambora Mountain of Indonesia is the most explosive in the world. It first erupted in 1815 and it was such a massive eruption that it was heard almost 2000 km away from Sumatra Island. Unfortunately, the eruption took the lives of more than 70000 people. 

Due to this eruption, the world went for one for longest winter the year 1816. Currently, it is safe to travel here as the volcano is no longer active. Being declared as a national park, Mount Tambora is open for those looking for a place to trek or just exploration. 

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