15 Funny And Relatable Zodiac Memes For All The Sagittarians Out There!

15 Funny And Relatable Zodiac Memes For All The Sagittarians Out There!

It is the month of Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) ! We all obviously have someone in our life who is a Sagittarius, they are known for their cold nature and ghosting people but they are also the most loving and caring people if made comfortable, let's take a look at some of the funny and relatable memes that you can share with your Sagittarius friends and have a laugh!

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1. The ever alive existential dread creeps up in the nights.

2. Sagittarians carry both these personalities on their sleeves.

3. Dancing their way through every inconvenience in life.

4. Finding ways to be upset is their way of life

5. Can you tell the difference?

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6. Sagittarians might have a black attitude but their hearts are golden

7. Sagittarians fall asleep when they are needed the most because, priorities!

8. Sagittarians live a living nightmare

9. At this point, only fictional characters can make them feel something.

10. Sagittarians can mask it well with their untimely humour

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11. ‘I don’t care’ on the outside, ‘I need help' on the inside

12. Honestly, they deserve everything on earth without struggle

13. Sagittarians trying to choose which personality they will be playing today

14. Because they need self-care to recover from problems, duh!

15. “I swearrrr I am listening to you!”



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