15 Unique Dishes You Will Only Find in India: Taste of Indian Cuisines

15 Unique Dishes You Will Only Find in India: Taste of Indian Cuisines
15 Unique Dishes of India

If you ever visit India, you’ll be touched by the aroma and fragrance of the deliciousness of the ocean of dishes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari you’ll see the diversity of foods enriched with their taste and delicacies.

Every single state of India has its own unique dishes with exclusive flavours. Not a single one dishes in India resembles to other dishes.

Enjoy the different palate of a country, whose every single state food tells its own version of the story.

For all the gastronomes take a look at 15 unique dishes one can only find in India -:

1. Misa Mach Poora From Mizoram –

Misa Mach Poora

For all shrimp lovers, you’ll enjoy this Mizo dish.

This delectable seafood dish is prepared by adding multiple flavored spices, mustard oil, orange zest, and lemon juice.

Misa Mach Poora is grilled on the leaves of bananas and placed on hot charcoal and spiced up in coriander and peppercorn to enhance its taste.

You can enjoy the taste of smokey and juicy flavored shrimp served with steamy rice.

2. Khorisa Maas From Assam –

Khorisa Maas

It is a gem of an Assamese dish comprising fish and bamboo shoots.

Khorisa is a type of bamboo shoot that is found only in northeast India.

Pieces of fish fried in mustard oil with spices along with a spoonful of fresh bamboo shoots and a tablespoon of bamboo shoot juice added to the mix.

You can enjoy this Assamese delicacy with steamy hot rice.

3. Chaman Qaliyan From Kashmir –

Unique dishes of India: Chaman Qaliyan

Kashmir is the heaven of India, and this state is known for its rich dry fruits, but when it comes to food you’ll get mesmerized by the taste of Chaman Qaliyan.

Cottage cheese is cooked in milk, saffron, and turmeric to add flavor and yellow color to the curry.

It is rich in flavors and delight for all Kashmiris.

4. Shorshe Baata Illish From West Bengal –

Shorshe Baata Illish

West Bengal is famous for its sweet dishes and fish cuisines.

Shorshe illish is a Bengali delicacy, famous hilsa fish is used to prepare that food.

Hilsa fish cooked in mustard oil and yellow mustard seeds and green chilies add flavor to it. This dish is completely divine in taste.

5. Jadoh From Meghalaya –

Unique dishes of India: Jadoh from Meghalaya

North-eastern states are famous for their fish and pork cuisines.

Jadoh is among the best cuisines of Meghalaya, very popular among tourists, who love the essence of basmati rice and pork.

This delectable dish cook by using basmati rice, pork, flavoured spices, and vegetables.

Its aroma and taste say it all when you take its first bite.

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6. Tilkut From Bihar –

Tilkut from Bihar

Tilkut is a very popular dish of Bihar state. The sweetness of this dish always satisfies the soul of all sweet lovers.

It is a special sweet that is made during makar Sankranti.

Sesame seeds are mixed with jaggery to make this oval and cylindrical shape sweet.

7. Undhiyu From Gujarat –

Unique dishes from India: Undhiyu From Gujarat

Undhiyu dish is from Gujarat. Its uniqueness shows in the way it prepares.

The name comes from the word ‘Undhu’ which means upside down.

Traditionally it is prepared underground upside down in earthen pots and fires from above.

It is assorted with winter vegetables like green peas, potatoes, purple yam, eggplant, raw bananas, and fenugreek dumplings etc.

It is the best delicacy of Gujarat and traveler loves the taste of it.

8. Bafauri From Chattisgarh –

Bafauri from Chattisgarh

Bafauri is a type of Indian Pakora (Indian fritters) that you’ll never ignore it.

You’ll love the taste of it, It’s mixed of ingredients of chana dal, with seasonal vegetables getting added to the mix.

It is served with sizzling green chutney (made from the paste of green chilies and coriander leaves).

9. Patoleo From Goa –

Unique dishes from India: Patoleo

Patoleo is a signature dish from Goa, it is specially made during Independence day, Ganesh Chaturthi.

Goan people enjoy this dessert created from turmeric leaves.

It is a dish of rice flour steamed in turmeric leaves and jaggery, coconut, and cinnamon add flavors to it.

10. Bisibelebath from Karnataka –

Bisibelebath from Karnataka

Bisibelebhath is a sour, spicy, and tangy south Indian dish. It is a nutrition-rich dish that not only satisfies your soul but your health also.

This South Indian dish is made from rice, vegetables, lentils, and spices that add flavor to the dish like nutmeg, curry leaves and tamarind pulp.

You can enjoy this Karnataka delicacy with curd and papad.

11. Irachi Ishtu From Kerala –

Irachi Ishtu from Kerala

Kerala delight serves the taste buds of all chicken lovers. People who visit this place love the taste of the Irachi Ishtu dish.

This dish is made from chicken, lamb, or beef.

Chicken cooked in coconut oil. Coconut milk, cardamom, ginger, onion, curry leaves, and salt add flavor to it.

Irachi Ishtu is best served with steamed rice and appam.

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12. Idiyappam From Kerala –

Idiyappam from Kerala

Idiyappam dish is pure bliss. It is so delectable that everyone loves the taste of it.

Idiyappam is made from rice flour that is pressed into the form of noodles and then steamed into a steamer basket.

This Kerala delicacy is served with coconut milk gravy, korma, and stews.

13. Goju Avalakki From Karnataka –

Goju Avalakki from Karnataka

Most South Indian dishes are usually tangy. It is the most popular dish in Karnataka.

This breakfast treats is made from poha and jaggery, tamarind adds flavor to it.

14. Benami Kheer From Lucknow–

Benami Kheer

This royal dessert is delectable to everyone’s palate. Legendary dessert has its own history.

It was originated in the royal court of Awadh, but nobody knows the ingredients of this kheer.

You’ll enjoy the rich taste of this kheer whenever you visit Lucknow.

15. Awan Bangwi –

Awan Bangwi

Awan Bangwi is a traditional rice cake from Tripura. It is made from the famous Guria rice. Dryfruits like cashews, raisins add flavor to them.

This rice mixture is steamed in banana leaves. People of Tripura love to enjoy this sweet dish when they visit Tripura.

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