Best Tourist Attractions in London |Top 17 Things To Do in London

Best Tourist Attractions in London |Top 17 Things To Do in London

To plan the most romantic experiences with your partner, you need to be quite thoughtful. While you are likely to be much more confused about mesmerizing and intimate places in London, we thought of bringing a few good solutions to you. It is important that you stay informed like a local while planning some great experiences. There is a lot more to do in the UK than you may think or realize. Detailed research always remains key to worthwhile travel experiences. Although London is often not considered among romantic destinations, there are many interesting things you will love doing. We have a list of numerous worthwhile experiences that you would love to live with your partner.

Romantic Experiences In London 

1. Go For A Romantic Helicopter Ride 

If you both love the adrenaline rush, it would be great to set off for a helicopter ride and grab the aerial views of the city. While you are up in the air together, it would be a great experience overall. Get thrilled as you catch up with the amazement of viewing the London skyline. It is popular among most of the couples visiting London. You book your ride in advance and surprise your partner. This is also a great idea for a unique proposal.

2. Book A Couple Spa Day 

Along with a lot of sightseeing, you will need a lot of rest and feel the urge to relax. A couple of spa treatments will not only let you feel at ease but offer you enough time together. There are numerous excellent spas in London, offering the best packages for couples. You can also look for last minutes deals and offers to keep it affordable. Finding budget-friendly suites is absolutely easy with a little research. It could be a great surprise for them.

3. Buckingham Palace Tour  

You cannot miss exploring the official London residence of the Queen while traveling across the city. It is open to the public during summer and is one of the fewest working royal palaces in the world. Heading over here is, therefore, a great experience. You will be amazed at the lavishly furnished staterooms and royal collections of paintings and other valuable things. It houses some of the best French and English furniture.

4. Go Horse Riding In Hyde Park 

Doing things together adds a pinch of romance to everything. During the day, it would be a good idea to spend time horse riding around in Hyde Park. This is the much talked about region here, and this is certainly the best way of exploring it. There will be many other visitors, although you can feel at ease and wave at them positively.

5. Enjoy Cruising Across The Thames  

A romantic dinner cruise is always a perfect way to convey to your partner what they mean to you. While in London, you will love going for a night cruise. It would be a beautiful welcome with a glass of wine and sweet nothings. As you move along various attractions, find ways of gazing at each other, whisper in their ears, laugh, and live in the moment. Along with the spectacular views, you will also have live jazz music and a delectable three-course meal.

6. Explore In Seclusion At Hampstead Heath 

Hampstead Heath is one of the most beautiful green spaces in London with the highest points and viewpoints. This widely spread green stretch of land is not only popular among locals but attracts international travelers too. You can enjoy many activities here with the Golders Hill Park, Parliament Hill, splash pool, swimming pools, etc., which are perfect for making your visit romantic and memorable. It can be considered as one of the best cheap yet romantic things to do in London.

7. Try Ice Skating 

During winter, ice skating is one of the best things to do in London. While you will be here with your loved one, it will turn out to be even more memorable. Somerset House's courtyard is said to remain open to the public from November to January. Ice skating here would be extremely fun. Even if you're not a pro, you will definitely love falling into your partner's arms.

8. Visit London's Southbank 

An evening stroll at Southbank with your better-half could be one of the cutest things to do. This is where you will come across numerous architectural marvels. You may go jogging across this beautiful trail or plan a workout session here somewhere. There are shopping areas and landmarks like the National Theatre, where you will enjoy spending time. The Big Ben, London Eye, and Houses Of The Parliament can also be witnessed from here.

9. Take Them Out For A Jazz Night 

If you're on your honeymoon trip in winter, listening to Jazz Blues would a perfect idea for a romantic evening in London. It is one of the most soulful and romantic music genres that will add romance to the situation. London has been home to many remarkable Jazz artists. Moreover, if you're already a jazz fan, you won't need much convincing. Ronnie's Scot is one of the best places in London to enjoy a Jazzy evening.

10. Watch A Burlesque 

Planning a fun date night often seems tricky. However, while you're in London, watching a burlesque show with your partner would be the best idea. Proud Cabaret City in London is popular for offering high-end entertainment and excellent dining experiences. You can enjoy the dazzling dance performances with pizza and music. This London club will definitely offer you a great experience and many memories.

11. Dine At Clos Maggiore 

Clos Maggiore is voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in London. Sitting in the heart of a beautiful Convent Garden, it could be a great place to spend time with your partner. The interiors and ambiance are inspired by the country inns of Tuscany and Provence. It is a warm and intimate place to be with your loved one. During summer, there's an airy dining area, and during winter, it is transformed into a candle-lit dining space. All fresh local and seasonal products are sourced here to the chefs who create the most delicious cuisines here. It is the best experience in London during winter.

12. Watch A Sunset At Primrose Hill 

Life is all about some beautiful sunsets and more beautiful evenings with your loved one. While you will be with someone you want to watch all the sunsets and sunrises, do not miss this opportunity. Consider planning a small picnic at Primrose hill while you're on vacation in London. Spend some time talking to each other and admiring the adorable sunset. It will definitely be one of the most beautiful sunsets you may have seen in your life. Steal a kiss to make it memorable and more special.

13. Don't Miss The Tower Of London 

Although this isn't a romantic thing to do in London, you will surely enjoy taking a tour of the Queen's jewels. The Crown, the tableware, everything is so intricate and intriguing that you will want to keeps looking at it. Make sure you don't miss the exhibition that showcases some more interesting facts about the palace and the Queen.

14. Enroll In Chocolate Making Classes 

While you want to spend more and more time together, chocolate making classes would be a great idea. You can keep up your love for chocolates and your partner at the same time. There are several interesting chocolate making classes across London to learn at and know a few great chocolate recipes. It is certainly one of the best couples of activities that will make you perfect at creating rich chocolate treats for each other. The Chocolate Museum in London hosts several different chocolate making classes that you can participate in. These chocolate making classes can be accessed online also.

15. Up For A Bowling Match? 

Challenging your partner for a bowling match will ignite some fun and passion. While you both get excited to play your moves and win, the struggle is likely to bring you closer. Let the loser pay for ice-cream or drinks. For retro-style bowling experiences, you can go to Bloomsbury Lane. It has all the vintage feels amid which you can enjoy a friendly game. Take up this challenge together and get going.

16. Plan A Stay At Shangri La 

Staying in one of the luxurious rooms fifty floors above with the view of the bustling streets of London would be one of your dreams come true. You can view most of London from here without having to leave your room. You will be surrounded by all of the city's skyscrapers, the Tower Bridge, and other breathtaking views. Planning a stay here would be one of the best things to do with your partner. However, if you're looking for budget-friendly stays, there are many boutique hotels in London to look up to. Most of them offer cottages and villas that offer mesmerizing views of the Thames.

17. Dine At Aqua Shard 

Aqua Shard, on the 31st floor of London's tallest building, is a perfect place to take your loved one for a date. Watch an elegant sunset while you enjoy the cocktail at the Atrium Bar. Or maybe just sit by the window, talk, and gaze at the beautiful skyline.

From the long list of romantic things to do in London, you can pick the ones you think are best and plan an amazing trip with your loved one. 

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