20 years of 2001 Parliament attack: PM Modi & President Kovind Pay Tributes

20 years of 2001 Parliament attack: PM Modi & President Kovind Pay Tributes

New Delhi: On December 3, 2001, five well-armed terrorists prowled in the nation’s temple, the Indian Parliament. The firing near the Parliament injured several people and killed 14 lives. In remembrance of the 20 years of 2001 Parliament attack, President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to the people who lost their precious lives in a sudden terror attack.

Here’s what the President tweeted,

I pay homage to the brave security personnel who laid down their lives on this day in 2001, defending the Parliament of the world’s largest democracy against a dastardly terrorist attack. The nation shall forever remain grateful to them for their supreme sacrifice’

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Here’s what the Prime Minister tweeted,

I pay my tributes to all those security personnel who were martyred in the line of duty during the Parliament attack in 2001. Their service to the nation and supreme sacrifice continues to inspire every citizen’

In addition to this, Union minister, Amit Shah said, ‘Your unparalleled valour and sacrifice will always inspire us to serve the nation

Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh tweeted, ‘the nation will remain grateful for their courage and supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. My tributes to those brave security personnel who sacrificed their lives during the attack on the Parliament House in 2001’

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The 40 minutes attack at the Parliament raised a question regarding the nation’s vulnerability to terrorism.

It brings the nation close to this question –How much are our intelligence agencies – IB, NTRO, DIA, RA&W, State Liaison unites et al, and NIA are prepared to tackle terrorism? 

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