200,000 Hong Kong’s Residents Living In ‘Coffin Homes’

200,000 Hong Kong’s Residents Living In ‘Coffin Homes’

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The city is famous for Disneyland, Causeway Bay, and many more and now it came into the news for its new concept of residence- “coffin homes” and left the whole world shocked. The United States criticized these living places as “an insult to human dignity”.

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What are “Coffin homes”

These are the places where people live in a very small area. The size of these tiny cubicles is between 1.5 to 9 meters which are 16 to 97 square feet. Almost 20 people share a single toilet. According to people, its monthly rent is 200-500 Hong Kong dollars, which is very expensive according to its size. It can only be used for sleeping purposes whereas some people have to fold their legs to fit in the cubical box.

How all of this started:

In the 1950s during the Chinese Civil War, the government gave these places to Chinese migrants. At that time the government was not that much aware of the citizen’s health. The place became famous among migrants as it was low in the rental cost.

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These homes are a very normal option for people as they are not expensive in comparison to other options. But this is very inhuman to live in these places. Now there are 200000 people, whereas it’s built for much lesser.

  1. These places lack privacy as they are very close and have very thin boundaries.
  2. These places are not safe, there is no security system and anyone can live here
  3. These places are not clean and people can easily get affected with diseases
  4. These people have limited space, people are not comfortable there. Sometimes, they are not even able to sleep properly. They have to fold their legs to sleep.
  5. These people are generally depressed or don’t have any hope to live life.

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