26-Year-Old From Kochi Started Startup During COVID and Now In Forbes List

26-Year-Old From Kochi Started Startup During COVID and Now In Forbes List

Ashwin Sreenivas, a 26-year-old from Kochi manages to hit the Forbes list. His enterprise startup, Campfire is now 30 under 30 lists of Forbes. Campfire is a startup that brings managers together using Artificial Intelligence. Since community plays a major role in any corporate, they need to be taken into consideration.

Ashwin says,

‘Communities create enormous value for the company that they are built around. But from a brand perspective, there are very few tools available to them to manage, engage and grow these communities’

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you are a corporation that makes smartphones. Just like any other company, you will also want to know how your audience feels about your product, what they talk about, and what sorts of videos and blog posts are created related to your product.

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Sreeniva’s Campfire uses the SaaS model to collect all the necessary information regarding your data and try to get answers to the above questions.

In his words, ‘We plug in your existing platform and give you all the insights. So you have the benefit of all the historical activity that you have probably seen on platforms like Github, Twitter, Subreddit, or Discord for years’

About Ashwin Sreenivas

Ashwin Sreenivas was born & raised in Kochi. He completed his schooling at Choice School and ultimately he went to Stanford University for graduation and post-graduation. He was super active in Science and Cyber Olympiad circuits during his graduation. He also represented India at the International Junior Science Olympiad and successfully won two gold medals.

His first startup, Helia is a computer vision space that was later acquired by Scale AI. His next enterprise startup, Campfire started small and now it is one of the fastest-growing companies with venture funds from Eventbrite. The campfire was built during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep communities connected strongly. It allows clients to deliver messages to relevant community members and at the same time store response from all members.

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