3 Household Items That Work Magical In cleaning Jewelries

3 Household Items That Work Magical In cleaning Jewelries

It is Diwali on 14 November and on this day the women of the house like to wear their gold ornaments. As it is said that on this day, women should wear gold ornaments and makeup well because on this day Lord Ganesha as well as mother Lakshmi is also worshiped. To please Maa Lakshmi, women should do 16 adornments on the day of Diwali as they are considered to be Lakshmi of the house.

If you want to see your gold jewelry shine again but you are not willing to spend thousands of rupees for it, then you can give a new glow to your gold jewelry by following these 4 tips at home. Gold never spoils, but over time their shine starts to fade due to dust, dirt, and dirt. In such a situation, I do not feel like using those jewels.

Be it gold idols or jewels, they start losing their luster after some time. On Diwali, some people also give gold coins for polish, but you can also clean them at home. If you also have some such gold items that are losing their luster, then you can get their shine back home. For this, you just have to follow these 4 easy tips.


Toothpaste is not only used to brighten teeth, but it also gives a new shine to the discolored gold ornaments and coins. You can clean it by applying toothpaste to your gold ornaments and coins. Is not it! Very easy solution.

Tomato Sauce

With the help of tomato sauce, you can also clean your gold items. If you want more sparkle, then you should keep the sauce on the gold items for some time, and after that clean, it with the help of a cloth, then see how the gold sparkle of your jewelry comes back.


Take hot water in a deep vessel and add detergent to it. Soak the sleeping things in it for some time. After a while, take them out and rub them lightly with a brush. After this, clean your jewelry and utensils in clean water.

Apart from these 3 tips, some people also use aluminum foil to clean their gold ornaments. If you also want to use aluminum foil, then you have to take one teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of water. After that, put the gold ornaments which have to be cleaned, put them in this water. Then rub them with foil paper. Gradually your gold ornaments will start shining.

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