3 Major Disadvantages Of Mosquito Coils & Tips To Prevent Yourself

3 Major Disadvantages Of Mosquito Coils & Tips To Prevent Yourself

Mosquito coils are used as a mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites & dangerous diseases. The smoke of mosquito coils keeps the swarms of mosquitoes away. As they are portable, cheap, and effective at lessening mosquito bites, without giving a second thought to it, we have been traditionally using them for years. But have you ever questioned; are mosquito coils dangerous for your health? To your surprise, there are many disadvantages to mosquito coils. Here we have enclosed it in detail.

How Do Mosquito Coils Work?

Mosquito coils contain insecticide compounds like Pyrethrum Powder that keeps mosquito away from you. It prevents their direct contact with humans. The potent aroma coming from the mosquito coil disturbs mosquitoes tracking sense and kills them straightaway.

Mosquito coils and their working have been studied well. Despite the chemical constituents and the way it is tested, it was found the coil reduces the ability to bite people. The real problem arises when the coil becomes a source of many diseases.

So, are mosquito coils dangerous enough to kill you? Yes, it is.

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Disadvantages of Mosquito Coils

With some advantages, burning the mosquito coil also offers some disadvantages. Here are a few disadvantages of mosquito coil that are worth arguable,

1. Health Implications Due to Emissions

Burning mosquito coil indoors creates smoke that puts inhabitants at risk. The smoke contains harmful pollutants, carcinogenic elements that can lead humans to chronic and acute health risks. Burning a mosquito coil equals smoking 75-137 cigarettes simultaneously. It also causes sneezing, cough, cold, asthma, and throat pain.

2. Physical Accidents

Mosquito coils have a stand or holder which keeps the coil in place and you can keep it anywhere. For example, beneath the bed, etc

The problem arises when you keep it at a higher distance. The combustible repellent can make a flammable object catch fire. This may turn into a huge accident sometimes.

To avoid such accidents, you can place it away from flammable objects. Try to limit the number of mosquito coils you use as it is not recommended.

3. Irritation & Breathing Issues

Staying in the same room for hours where you lit mosquito coil doubles health risk. The smoke from the coil can irritate your eyes & nostrils.

The residue that falls on the floor after burning travels inside the room when the air blows. The chances of inhaling the fumes affect your respiratory system and lungs badly.

After reading all the disadvantages of mosquito coil, it can be said using mosquito coil is effective against mosquitoes to a certain extent. However, it’s pretty dangerous and adds more problems.

Tips To Be Followed

  1. Place the coil away from your baby’s room as it can damage his/her small lungs and patchy rashes
  2. Avoid placing a mosquito coil in a packed environment
  3. Mosquito coil burn insecticides and one must avoid inhaling the smoke to prevent respiratory disorders
  4. Unattended and untidy areas around your house breed mosquitoes. So, try to keep the vicinity clear as much as possible

Keeping safety from mosquito coils when the mosquito coils are preventing you from mosquito bites is essential. It avoids deadly health implications like Dengue and Malaria. Some of the best alternatives available in the market include mosquito nets, electric mosquito bats, window electric mesh, and using neem oil.

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