5 Fashion Game Rules That Must Be Broken For Every Dusky Girl

5 Fashion Game Rules That Must Be Broken For Every Dusky Girl

The definition of fashion statement does not remain the same for dusky complexion Indian girls as it's for the fair ones. India is a nation where the majority of the population has a dark-hued complexion. Still, no one never fails to comment on brown skin people. Everyone becomes a judge by their own for people who have dusky skin; they advise them what to wear and what no to or what suits them! People with such suggestions are probably the culprit behind all the dark-shade clothing-line in the closet of every dusky girl.

People have set specific fashion standards for every dusky girl out there. And it is time to make alterations in this stereotype thinking process.

So, Here Is A List Of Some Fashion Rules That Must Be Broken:

Steer Clear Of Whites!

You must have heard it like a thousand times, and a dusky girl should not wear white shades. However, talking about the reality check, the glow of white on the dusky complexion pop out like a queen. Not going any far, Priyanka Chopra dons her look in that dusky shade. She is proof who broke all stereotypical records by dominating the white outfits so effortlessly and stylishly. It is a colour that stands out attractive against dusk people and makes them look even more beautiful and charming.

Red Lips Is A Crime For Dusky Girls!

Another set rule of fashion is dusky women should not wear red lipstick. Well, it is a myth for sure. You can see how celebrities like Bipasha Basu or even a normal girl can rock the look with red lips. In all, we can say that red lipstick should be an essential item in every women's makeup kit.

Gold Jewellery Is Not For You!

Contradicting the myth, gold jewelry look ultra-stylish on dusky girls. The bronzy shine of your skin perfectly blends with the gold look, and your impressive appearance multiplies in many folds.

Say No To Neons

Dear girls, ignore all the haters as neon is a color that you can flaunt like a chic fashion personality. All the vibrant neon shades have the quality of looking amazing against dusky skin tone. Also, these colors will make you stand unique from the crowd. And still, if you have any doubt in your mind, make Beyonce your idol in the fashion style. And trust us, these colors are worth giving a try!

No, To Flaunting Your Skin!

Ohh really, is it true to say that bronze color girls cannot wear what they want? Now your skin complexion will decide what you should wear? Well, it should surely not! To all the dusky girls out there, ditch these fashion rules, and make yourself comfy in shoes, strappy tops, or slit-cut maxis or gowns! It is time to set fire with that gorgeous olive skin glow.

Remember girls; rules are meant to be broken, so break these stereotype rules to live a happy fashion life.

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