5 Awesome Beaches In Russia That You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Awesome Beaches In Russia That You Shouldn’t Miss

Russia is popular worldwide for its massive deserts, high-rising mountains, rich heritage sites, stunning architecture, natural geyser fields, and much more. This stunning country attracts most of the tourists every year and puts them in a different light. It could be your next vacation destination if you are looking for beaches to have maximum fun and enjoyment in Russia. Here are the top 5 beaches in Russia that are full of sub-tropical soft white sand to pristine water.

Fabulous Beaches in Russia

1. Khalaktyrsky Beach

The most enchanting beach of Russia, Khalaktyrsky beach is formed centuries ago due to volcanic eruption. The beach has black sand and the water shines during the evening; thus giving a scenic view to the tourist. You can relish the best of Khalaktyrsky beach and have a relaxing experience.

How to reach: Take a 30 min drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on buses 8 and 24 to reach Khalaktyrsky beach

Things to do: climb the Avachinsky, surf over the water

Where to stay: KAMRELAX, Granin house

2. Olympic Beach

The Olympic beach has beauty in its pebbles that got scattered over 5km. It is located in the lowlands of Imereti, Sochi. You will be surprised to know, the Olympic beach starts from the Olympic part till the Psou River of Abkhazia.

Chic restaurants are dotted alongside the shorelines where you can taste fast food and delicious snacks. You can even run along the beach to have a breathtaking view of the Olympic beach.

Things to do: Cycling, take amusement rides, and taste beachside café food

Where to stay: Blue Sea Boutique Apartments, Hotel Olympic Beach

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3. Laskovy Beach

Want to walk around unique beaches in Russia? Come to Laskovy Beach. It’s surrounded by the picturesque beauty of pine forests & sparkling water. The beach is a perfect getaway for city enthusiastic or dwellers.

You can taste the local drink of the beach i.e., Kvass. It’s fermented rye water that refreshes your mouth thoroughly.

How to reach: take 30 min drive from St. Petersburg to reach this beautiful beach

Things to do: visit Pine forests, local cafes and do recreational activities

Where to stay: Staraya Mel’nitsa, Br 812 and Greenvald Park Scandinavia

4. Promenade Beach

It lies in Yantarnyy. Promenade beach holds the title of ‘most magical beaches in Russia’ due to its striking white sand and sparkling blue waters.

It allows tourists to explore and enjoy a perfect vacation. Come here and catch a panoramic view of the surrounding from the ropeway to Promenade’s end.

Address: Becker’s Park, Yantarnyy, Russia

Things to do: Fishing, ropeway riding,

Where to stay: The Promenade, The French Villa, and Villa Bordeaux Home Stay

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5. Durso Beach

Definitely, the most adorable and beautiful beaches of Russia, Durso beach is perfect for spending a wonderful holiday with family & loved ones. The beach boasts sparkling water that breaks into waves as it reaches the shore.

It is fringed with hillocks and gives a panoramic view. You can do activities like camping, swimming, boating to have full fun.

Other places to visit: Abrau-Durso Winery, Sculpture the Shepherd, and Art Park

Things to do: do hiking and trekking

Where to eat: Café Amici, Grand Café Abrau-Durso, and Aqua 

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