5 Best Air Purifiers Under 15000 For Home & Workplace

5 Best Air Purifiers Under 15000 For Home & Workplace

Coronavirus pandemic has declined the quality of air in all parts of our country. Due to this most people are suffering from irritation in the eyes, throat, nose, breath-shortening, and heart-related issues. But thanks to filtration technology that offers the finest quality of air purifiers. To improve the quality of your home or workplace, consider these 5 best air purifiers under 15000. Buy any of these & keep them inside your space to purify the atmosphere.

Top 5 Air Purifier Under 15000

1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 uses High-Efficiency particulate arrestance technology to wade off impurities from the air. The 3-layer HEPA filter can remove PM2.5 size of particles and clean air up to 400 square feet in 10 minutes. It weighs 4.2kg & measures 240x240x520mm.


Power Consumption: 31W

Noise Level: 30dB

Filters: Activated Carbon, EPA, Pre-filter

Indicators: WiFi Indicator light, Air quality indicator light

Auto mode: Yes

Night mode: Yes

2. Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier

This purifier also comes with HEPA technology and it is most suitable for medium-sized bedrooms or living rooms. Honeywell purifier traps all harmful particulates and purifies the space up to 323 square feet. The company claims the air purifier can filter out toxic gases, allergens, formaldehyde, VOCs, and odor. It weighs 6.5 kg & measures 207x382x486 mm.


Power consumption: 53W

Noise level: 46dB

Filters: Anti-bacterial, HiSiv, and HEPA

Indicators: Filter Change Indicator

Auto mode: No

Silent mode: Yes

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3. Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Philips 1000 series AC1215/20 has USP that offers variable fan speed to adjust upon the conditions. It makes use of an extra thick HEPA filter that comes with NanoProtect technology. Talking about the coverage area, it filters out air up to 677 square feet. With a dual color display, it offers impressive features like,

Power consumption: 50W

Noise level: 33dB

Filters: Anti-bacterial, Activated carbon, HEPA, Ionizer

Air Quality Indicator: Yes

Sleep Mode: Yes

Portable: Yes

4. Whirlpool Purafresh Air Purifier

The 3-layer Whirlpool Purafresh air purifier filters out PM2.5 along with odor and harmful gases. It can deliver a 210-meter cube of clean air in just one hour. Just like other appliances, it comes with 6th Sense technology that automatically adjusts filtration speed and fan speed.


Power consumption: 45W

Noise level: N/A

Filters: advanced carbon filter, HEPA filter, and pre-filter

Airflow rate: 210 square feet

Night Mode: No

5. Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30 Air Purifier

This air purifier features 3D airflow circulation and it comes with nano purification technology. It is portable and covers an area of 215 square feet. Along with polluted air, it removes bacteria, allergens, odors, and viruses. The effectiveness of Panasonic Nanoe F-PXJ30AHD 30 depends on OH radicals.


Power consumption: 30W

Noise level: 40dB

Filters: Anti-microbial, activated carbon, and anti-virus

Air quality indicator: Yes

Sleep Mode: Yes

Turbo mode: Yes

These are the top 5 air purifiers under 15000 to freshen your environment with good quality air. You can buy any of these, even if you are on a budget. 

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