5 Best Crime Thriller Web Series That Will Keep you Glued with TV

5 Best Crime Thriller Web Series That Will Keep you Glued with TV
5 Best Crime Thriller Web Series That Will Keep you Glued with TV

Bored of watching romantic drama or your hunger for action movies is overly satisfied? It’s time to change your taste of entertainment and watch some serious thrilling stories. OTT platforms are full of the best crime thriller web series and for a binge-watcher, they are an amusing treat.  

They got everything, suspense, a gripping plot, mind-blowing characters, and real thrill. Once you start watching them, you will crave for more; such a strong impact these series have. 

All in our list are worthy of watching more than once.

5 Best Crime Thriller Web Series 

London Files

The title might remind you of Kashmir Files, but this web series is totally different. Set in the background of London where a case of a missing girl leads to state secrets. 

As detective Om Singh carries forward his search he discovers dark mysteries. 

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How to Get Away with Murder

The title is enough to attract an audience that takes a keen interest in crime thrillers. A criminal defense lawyer and her students find themselves tangled in a murder full of mysteries and twists. 

How these sharp-minded guys escape the mystery is a treat to watch. And this escape continues for 6 Seasons with new twists and angles. Watch ‘How to Get Away with Murder' on Netflix. 

Money Heist

Talking about an intense thriller and not mentioning Money Heist would be an injustice. 
Our favorite Professor and his gang are way too smart and spell-binding, even real magic fails in front of them. 

Throughout the series, you will experience everything they are doing right and you are a part of the heist. 

You won’t feel like skipping even a single scene for a minute. A hardcore binge-watcher can complete all five seasons in a week. 

Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the best crime thriller web series in India. The story is not out of the world, same as chor police game. A gangster dies leaving Mumbai in danger. 

A police offer takes the case in his hand but is soon thrown out from it. He comes back with his own strategy but the execution is mind-blowing. 

Saif and Nawazuddin will engage you in this chase originally written by Vikram Chanda in his novel. 


Those who are obsessed with Money Heist must watch the crime thriller web series. Lupin is another good heist revolving around the revenge by a thief whose father got involved in a tragedy. 

The series is one of the finest and binge-worthy shows so far. The third season of Lupin is in making and soon will release on Netflix. Till then watch the previous season so that you don’t miss the fun. 

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