5 Best Places To Visit In Karnataka For A Peaceful Weekend 

5 Best Places To Visit In Karnataka For A Peaceful Weekend 

The wide landscape and colorful geography of Karnataka make it an ideal destination for tourism. This enthralling state is located amid the Deccan Plateau, Western Ghats, and Kannad Coast. It is also home to waterfalls, lakes, forests, beaches, and coffee plantations. Further, you will find various historical structures and monuments that attract visitors every year in abundance. If you want to taste the rich heritage and historic past of Karnataka, then here are the 5 best places to visit in Karnataka along with things you can do.

Tourist Places to Visit in Karnataka

  1. Bangalore 

Bangalore is best known for its diverse existence. Being the most cosmopolitan city, you will find people from different skills, cultures, and backgrounds here. It’s also a core of Information Technology that gathers various telecom, software, and hardware companies.

Some of the key attractions in Bangalore include Wonder La Theme Park, Tipu Sultan Palace, Bannerghatta Park, Aerospace Museum, VidhanaSoudha, and Lalbag Garden.

The best way to reach Bangalore is by either taking flight to Bengaluru International Airport or taking a train to Bangalore Railway station.        

  1. Hampi

Hampi is an architectural marvel. Being one of the most popular heritage sites, it displays the traces of historical ruins from the time of the 7th-century. Hampi is located on the banks of Tungabhadra, a river that starts from Karnataka and flows through Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Stone and rock craving enclose proof of the skill & mastery of the artisans of that time. This makes it a perfect tourist place for the history buffs. Each of the 500 magnificent structures of Hampi tells an interesting story of its own.

The nearest airport to Hampi is about 74 km and the nearest railway station is Hospet, 13 km from Hampi.

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  1. Gokarna

Gokarna is a small less populated town located in the Kannad district of Karnataka. It’s a must ‘go-to’ place for enthusiasts who are after a peaceful ambiance. Gokarna lures tourists from all parts of the world towards its pious temples and enthralling beaches.

Some of the popular spots to visit include Om Beach, Kudle Beach, and Gokarna Beach. At the beach, you can play thrilling water sports and enjoy the warmth of serene sands.

Visit Vasco Da Gama airport to reach Gokarna. You can also catch a train from Karwar rail station which is 60 km away from Gokarna.

  1. Udupi

Udupi gives an authentic taste of Karnataka. It is located near Mangalore, a place that got sandwiched between the Western Ghats, and the Arabian Sea. Two things are extremely famous in Udupi, namely Food and Temple.

Don’t forget to visit the 100-year old Shiva temple if you are a firm believer in the Hindu religion. Also, taste Udupi cuisine with some of the unique flavors.

Take a flight from Mangalore airport to reach Udupi. Monsoon is the best time to visit Udupi as it showcases most of the greenery around.

  1. Nandi Hills

Want to reach the zenith of beauty? Come to Nandi Hills. It is located to the east of Bangalore and offers most of the timeless monuments, pristine lakes, temples, and postcards such as a view from hilltops.

The hill resort gives a cool foggy look and it feels like you are in heaven. Tourist considers it a whole new world that is away from the noise of cities and monotony.

Chikkaballapur (9km) is the nearest railway station to Nandi Hills. You can also hire a cab or drive yourself to Nandi Hills from Bangalore.

These are the top 5 attractions to visit in Karnataka. Some of the other places worth visiting include Chitradurga fort, Dandeli, Mysore, and Coorg. 

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