5 Christopher Nolan Movies That Will Test Your Intelligence 

5 Christopher Nolan Movies That Will Test Your Intelligence 

Every filmmaker has his/her unique style which sets him aside. For Cristopher Nolan, it’s the complexity of the human mind, science and the world itself that inspires his work. Despite being an exceptional filmmaker, Nolan has only 11 feature films to his credit.

British-American film director Christopher Edward Nolan was born on July 30, 1970, and he has achieved 36 Oscar nominations and 11 wins. On his birthday, let us have a look at the best Cristopher Nolan movies that will blow your mind and make you question your intelligence.

5. The Prestige

Released: 2006

Storyline: Cristopher Nolan’s sole literary adaptation is based on a 1995 novel by Christopher Priest. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play dueling magicians whose obsession with one another are absolutely sinister. Nolan treats his audience as intelligent beings who can put two and two together.

On repeat watch, you would be able to figure out the red herrings in the film weaved along with the intricate plot and structure.

4. Interstellar

Released: 2014

Storyline: Nolan plays with two of his favourite topics in this expansive sci-fi- science and emotions. The story is about 2 characters played by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway traveling through a wormhole in an effort to find a new home for humanity in another part of the universe.

There are heavy-duty science theories in this film and still, it will overwhelm you with emotions. Only Nolan can achieve this.

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3. Inception

Released: 2010

Storyline: There is an anecdote that Cristopher Nolan wrote Inception’s screenplay over the period of 10 years. Don’t know about the authenticity, but after watching the movie you will admit that it is beyond human comprehension at least in the first go. The movie is about high-tech thieves who steal ideas by breaking into people’s dreams.

One time they are asked to secretly plant an idea into a person’s head and it leads to - dreams on top of dreams inside dreams.

While the protagonist tests a young architect by challenging her to create a maze, we are being challenged by Nolan himself.

2. Memento

Released: 2000

Storyline: A man is trying to avenge the death of his wife, but he can’t form memories and forgets who, where and what he is within minutes. Not just this, the film is told in reverse, so you have to work harder to get the story. This is one of the best Christopher Nolan movies.

The storytelling of the film helps you understand the existential crisis of the protagonist. Such an ingenious thriller can only be attributed to Nolan.

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1. Tenet

Released: 2020

Storyline: Tenet is Christopher Nolan’s most oblique movie. The protagonist learns to manipulate the flow of time in order to prevent an attack from the future that threatens to annihilate the present. Complicated much?

Like his other films, here also Nolan plays with the idea that our future selves can control our present-day selves.

This Christopher Nolan movies list shows how he tackles modern genre movies in a challenging manner. You must watch these best Nolan movies.

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