5 Most Instagrammable Spots In Thailand That You Need To See

5 Most Instagrammable Spots In Thailand That You Need To See

With tropical beaches, ancient architecture, national parks and breathtaking skylines, Thailand has it all. So if you’re a person who thrives on Instagram, Thailand’s diverse landscapes make it a dream destination for you.

We are listing 10 stunning most Instagrammable places in Thailand for not only incredible photo opportunities but also an experience of a lifetime.

1. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park in Thailand’s Surat Thani is one of the stunning Instagrammable spots. This place is home to caves, lakes and wildlife. If this isn’t a photographer’s dream then what is?

When To Visit? 

Khao Sok National Park is best explored during the dry season which is from November to April. But be vary, there can be occasional showers during this time too.

How To Reach?

By plane: Surat Thani airport is the nearest one to Khao Sok National Park but people also opt for Phuket airport.

By train: Surat Thani railway station is the nearest one, however, advance booking is recommended.

By bus: One can reach Khao Sok by traveling in a night bus

Photography Tips:

  • Rustic floating raft houses on Cheow Larn Lake must be captured
  • Hire a private boat instead of a group tour if you want to photograph around the park at your own pace

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2. Phuket

Phuket is another multi-dimensional natural beauty. It has tropical beaches, hidden coves, dense forests, and lovely viewpoints. The 45-meter long Big Budhha sitting atop Nak Kerd Hill is the most Instagrammable Thailand photography location.

How To Reach?

  1. Phuket has an International airport that welcomes direct flights from all major cities
  2. If you have landed in Bangkok, then Phuket is only a ride away. The distance is 862 km and the scenic journey is worthy of your time. Rent a car or take a bus ride

When To Go?

The cool and dry season from November to February is best suited to visit Phuket.

Photography Tips:

  • Don’t miss the sunrise at Big Buddha
  • Rent a vehicle to get around the island
  • Schedule your visits smartly in order to avoid crowds

3. Koh Phi Phi

The Koh Phi Phi islands fulfill all your exotic holiday dreams with their white sand, coconut trees and coral reef. Imagine going Insta live from a location that looks like straight from heaven. Every corner of this place is worthy of being captured.

How To Reach?

The island is around 46 km away rom Phuket and one can reach here by getting a ferry or speed boat. Ferry is a popular choice among toursists to reach Koh Phi Phi islands.

When To Visit? 

The island weather remains cool and pleasant during November to April, so this is the best time to visit Phi Phi islands. 

Photography Tips:

• Rent a long-tail boat for the entire day and click away

• Don’t miss gems like Maya Bay, Monkey Island, and the Phi Phi viewpoints

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4. Chiang Mai’s Elephant Sanctuaries

If you want to see this mighty animal up-close, Chiang Mai’s Elephant Sanctuaries is the place for you. The pictures with these gentle giants will spike your engagement on Instagram.

How To Reach?

  1. By Air: Chiang Mai International Airport operates both domestic and international flights
  2. By Bus: The Arcade Bus Station in Chiang Mai is the nearest bus stop. Both government-operated and privately-run buses are available.
  3. By Train: Train Station is 3 km away from the city center and a convenient medium of transport.

When To Visit?

Between October and April is a pleasant time to visit Chiang Mai. Remember that this is also the time of peak tourist season. You can also visit Chiang Mai during the festivals to capture the vibrant spirit of the town.

Photography Tips:

• Book a tour on a weekday. There’s less crowd and you’ll get perfect shots of animals

5. Chiang Mai Sky Lantern Festival

Yi Peng or the Sky Lantern Festival is the biggest celebration held in Chiang Mai. During this festival, Chiang Mai becomes the most Instagrammed places in Thailand. When millions of sky lanterns float in the sky, every photographer’s dream comes true.

Where To Celebrate?

Although entire town of Chiang Mai celebrates Yi Peng Lantern Festival, there are 3 places you can visit to celebrate like a local:

  1. Nawarat Bridge
  2. Three Kings Monument
  3. Thapae Gate

When To Visit?

The sky lantern festival is celebrated on the full moon night on the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar. The day usually occurs in November in the Western calendar.

Photography Tips:

  • Make sure your camera settings are in place to get the perfect shot of lanterns in the black sky
  • You can also capture the Buddhist ceremony later during the festival

Thailand has numerous Instagrammable photography locations. This guide will help you in choosing the best ones when you are there.

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