5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination In Italy

5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination In Italy

Italy is not only a dream destination for many but also one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations in Europe equally after France. Though the country has dominated France on many occasions and it is without a doubt one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Being the most romantic destination, there is an endless list of places that you could include in your list of top honeymoon destinations in Italy. From having romantic diverse landscapes, seaside resorts, as well globally renowned cuisine such as pizza and pasta, the country has so much to offer to have the perfect and romantic honeymoon.

In this article, we outlined the top 5 best honeymoon destinations in Italy which you must include in your itinerary including the best to visit and best places to stay.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destination In Italy

1. Venice

When you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Italy, don’t forget to add Venice to the top of your list. Venice is without any doubt one of the romantic cities not only in Italy but all over the globe. What makes the city fascinating and an ideal honeymoon destination is the dramatic waters passing all over the city, panoramic boat views, and pleasant footsteps.

While you are on your honeymoon, do visit the tower of San Giorgio Maggiore to witness some breathtaking views, take a bite of delicious cichetti with your partner or enjoy the performance at La Fenice. 

Best Time To Visit: April, May, September, October

Major Tourist Attractions: 

  • Grand Canal Gondola Ride
  • Piazza San Marco
  • St Mark’s Basilica

Where To Stay:

  • Rialto Unique - 4 Star hotel 
  • Hotel Henry - Budgeted Hotel 
  • St. Regis Venice - 5 Star hotel
  • Hotel Dona Palace  

How to Reach: accessible from Marco Polo international airport and you can easily reach here by hiring a cab.

accessible from Marco Polo international airport and you can easily reach here by hiring a cab.

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2. Tuscany

Yet another most romantic and enduring honeymoon destination in Italy, Tuscany or La Bella Toscana is a city surrounded by imperishable landscapes and pleasant mountains. Here you will also find some ancient castles, villas, and a vineyard. The reason why Tuscany is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Italy is the 200 acre Borgo Santo Pietro.

Borgo Santo Pietro has a suite that houses a swimming pool, and a garden that makes it a good place to stay for couples. Spend a weekend here with your partner, wander around on Vespa, or learn to make some delicious Italian cuisine in the Kitchen garden. 

Best Time To Visit:

Romantic Things To Do:

  • Take a private cycle tour in a countryside with your partner

Major Tourist Attractions:

  • Tuscany Countryside - UNESCO world heritage 

Where To Stay:

  • La Cappella 
  • Agrihotel Elisabetta 
  • Locazione Turistica Casa Frati
  • Chianti Villas Villa Torricellas

How to Reach: take a train from Florence's Santa Maria Novella station to reach here. Several international trains arrive here from places like Paris, Brussel, and Amsterdam, alongside some other Italian cities like Rome, Venice, Verona, Pisa, and Bologna.

3. Florence 

The city of Florence is globally popular for Renaissance art and unique architectural design. Its beautiful and mesmerizing cityscape makes it one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe and also on of the best places to visit in Italy for newlyweds. If you are looking for an ideal place for a romantic tour in Florence, then head towards the Jacobson and take a sunset cruise tour in the Arno River.

Florence is also famous for its unique and delicious street food and you can find plenty of places to eat throughout the city. Make sure to not eat in restricted areas as the city has recently banned eating on the sidewalks. 

Best Time To Visit: May to September 

Major Tourist Attractions:

  • Boboli Gardens
  • Renaissance Art

Where To Stay: 

  • Grand Hotel Cavour Firenze - 4-star hotel in a 13th-century building 
  • Hotel Villa Agape - Florentine-style villa room
  • Hotel Bernini Palace - 5-star hotel
  • Villa Cora

How to Reach: Amerigo Vespucci Airport is the nearest airport to Florence which is just 8 km meters away. Hire a cab from the airport and reach the center of Florence.

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4. The Amalfi Coast

Situated in southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is another most loved destination by couples. The major highlights of the Amalfi Coast are yachts tour and car drive rural farms area. There are also some hidden beaches, trails for hiking, and a seaside town that are worth a romantic day tour. 

If you want to spend some time alone with your partner then visit Capri island by taking a boat tour. Also, visit the Li Galli Islands which you will find on the way while on a boat tour from Capri Island. Li Galli Island is the best place to snorkel on Amalfi Coast especially when you are with your partner.

Best Time To Visit: April to October

Where To Stay: 

  • Capri Palace
  • Hotel Miramalfi
  • Hotel Bellevue Suite - for couples on mid-budget

How to Reach: accessible for Naples international airport and you can reach here via cab that will drop you near the lake.

5. Sardinia 

Sardinia is one of the two islands in Italy other than Sicily where locals prefer to spend their vacations or weekends. It is a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon here as the island is filled with numerous pristine beaches, luxury resorts, a variety of cuisine, and a dramatic small town. As soon as you arrive in Sardinia, rent a car to explore the city or you can grab public transport as it may cost you cheaper.

Sardinia has plenty of beautiful beaches which are Globally popular among the tourists. Among the top beaches of Sardinia include Arutas beach situated on the Costa Verde. Other than this, Sardinia is also a good place for shopping and there are also various prehistoric archaeological sites to explore throughout the city.

Best Time To Visit: April to May

Where To Stay: 

  • El Faro Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Riviera
  • Hotel Cala Di Volpe - an ideal hotel for a honeymoon 
  • Hotel Abi d'Or

How to Reach: Take a flight from Costa Smeralda Airport to Olbia and reach here by grabbing a public bus.

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