5 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt | The Manhattan of Germany

5 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt | The Manhattan of Germany

Frankfurt city is one of the major finance as well as a Business hub of Germany. Also known as the Manhattan due to the fact that it has plenty of tall buildings as compared to other German cities. The vibe in Frankfurt somewhat has a North American flavor because of the splendid cityscape and various high-rising buildings.

The city has been frequently ranked among the top best cities for lifestyle and business. Being the commercial hub of the country, there is a huge list of places to explore and some globally recognized tourist attractions in Frankfurt that are worth a visit once in a lifetime. 

Before planning your trip to German Manhattan, let’s have a look at these 5 tourist attractions in Frankfurt for your reference.  

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

1. Frankfurt Cathedral 

Widely popular as St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, the Frankfurt Cathedral is a 15th-century religious site built in Gothic style with Redstone. The tower of this church is 95 meters tall and still well preserved as it was since day one. It is one of the few churches in Germany having the status of Imperial Cathedral. 

The Roman Catholic church was initially built to honor Saint Bartholomew and now stands as one of the most remarkable religious sites as well the most popular tourist attraction in Frankfurt. It also houses the skullcap of St. Bartholomew which is regarded as the holy relic of this Cathedral. 

Best Time To Visit: April to May and August to September

Visiting Hours:

  • Tuesday to Friday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Weekends - 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Major Highlights:

Location: An der Hauptwache, Frankfurt am Main

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2. The Hauptwache 

The Hauptwache is one busiest street in Frankfurt that lies in the heart of the city. The street is combined with some fine historical and modern architecture. The most remarkable site here is the Baroque Guard House “Hauptwache”, thus the square was named after it. The guardhouse dates back to 1730 and was once used as Frankfurt’s militia. 

other than historical architecture, the square itself is the main shopping center of Frankfurt equipped with an underground mall. The most popular shop here is the Zeil Shopping Center which is worth a visit. Being a popular shopping center, Hauptwache is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Frankfurt.  

Best Time To Visit: April to May and August to September

Major Highlights:

Location: An der Hauptwache, Frankfurt

3. Maintower 

The maintower is situated in the center of the inner city and it is around 200 meters tall. The 56-floor maintower was established in 1999 and it is one of the largest towers in the country. The major highlight of this skyscraper is the rooftop observatory which is quite popular among the tourists. There are two public platforms at the top of the building that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city. 

If you are planning to visit maintower on weekends then it is best advised to visit after dusk. The night views are more fascinating to watch and won't regret coming here during this time. It's truly worth visiting not only in Frankfurt but also in Germany.

Best Time To Visit: April to May and August to September

Visiting Hours: 

  • Summer (Sunday to Thursday) - 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Summer(Friday and Saturday) -10 AM to 11 PM
  • Winter (Sunday to Thursday) - 10 AM to 7 PM
  • Winter(Friday and Saturday) -10 AM to 9 PM

Major Highlights:

  • Japan Center
  • Old Opera House
  • English Theatre
  • Goethe House

Location: Neue Mainzer, Frankfurt am Main

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4. Museumsufer

Museumsufer is a museum district of Frankfurt that houses 16 museums and most of them are internationally recognized. Among all the museums, Städel Art Museum is the major center of attraction due to its collection that represents world culture. It is also considered one of the top ethnological museums in Europe. The collection in Städel Art Museum includes over 65,000 artworks from North & South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Another museum worth visiting is the Städtische Galerie Liebieghaus which houses a wide range of ancient sculptures. Here you will find a huge collection of Roman, Greek Egyptian, and some ancient sculptures. It also has some elements from the renaissance and baroque eras.

Visiting Hours: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Best Time To Visit: April to May and August to September

Entry Fee: 

  • Single: 18 Euros
  • Senior Citizen: 10 Euros
  • Family: 28 Euros

Major Highlights:

  • Museum of World Cultures
  • German Architectural Museum
  • Museum of Applied Art
  • Museum of Ancient Sculptures 
  • Fim Museum
  • Icon Museum

Location: Schaumainkai, Frankfurt am Main

5. Romerberg 

Romerberg is a famous square situated in the heart of the old town of Frankfurt, it is yet another busiest square in the city which houses several notable attractions. There are a total of 11 historical dating among which the Old Town Hall “Altes Rathaus” dates back to the 15th century and is a major center of attraction among tourists. 

Another famous landmark you will see here is the Neues Rathaus or New Town Hall which was built in 1908 alongside St. Leonhard and St. Nicholas churches. Also, do check out the Historical Museum that a huge collection of elements that represent Frankfurt’s medieval as well as modern history.  

Visiting Hours: 24 Hours

Best Time To Visit: April to May and August to September

Major Highlights:

  • New town hall
  • Old town hall
  • Historical Museum
  • St Leonhard Church
  • St Nicholas Church
  • Ostzeille

Location: Römerberg, Frankfurt am Main

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