5 Ways To Become A Professional Storyteller

5 Ways To Become A Professional Storyteller

Storytelling is one of the most popular ways to engage with an audience or a listener. You can hold the entire audience in the palm of your hand while telling compelling stories. Yeah, just like the one at TED talks or speech at the award ceremony.

Want to learn how to tell an interesting anecdote to grab your audience's attention? Push your anxiety by incorporating these 5 ways and become a professional storyteller for a lifetime.

Tips to Become a Professional Storyteller

1. Pick the right time and audience

Time and audience play an important role when comes to effective storytelling. For example, you can’t grab someone’s attention when the former is already busy with something vital.

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2. Hook your listener

Never begin storytelling with boring details. Hook your listener with something interesting, shocking, surprising, or exciting. This allows your listener to stay on track starting from the beginning.

3. Keep it concise

Remember someone who talks non-stop with no end and no point? Good…. you got the point! Keeping the information concise intrigues your audience and made them stick.

4. Don’t rush

Try storytelling at a reasonable pace so that your listeners can digest what you have to say. Try practicing it with your family members or friends.

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5. Poke fun

Everyone likes jokes and it’s a great way to make your audience comfortable. Never ever tell stories that make others feel bad.

These are the top 5 ways to become a professional storyteller.

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