5 Ways to Remove Popup Ads from Smart Phone Gaming  

5 Ways to Remove Popup Ads from Smart Phone Gaming   
5 ways to disable popup ads from smartphone gaming

In the era of smartphones and the internet, you cannot save yourself from those annoying popup ads, which ruin your mood. Most desktop browsers block popup ads on their own, but when you are using a smartphone, you don't know the ways to disable popup ads.

Popup ads are the most irritating experience when you are playing a game on your smartphone, you have to watch it completely without any skipping.  But you can opt for stopping those popup ads on your smartphone.

Here we are giving you 5 ways to turn off popup ads from your smartphone, while you are playing a game.

5 Ways to Disable Popup Ads from Smartphones

1. Turn off your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data -

Disable popup ads from smartphone gming: Tunt off wifi

You all face this situation, after installing an offline game app from the Google play store, the smartphone started to display ads. It happens because of the Google Play Store app policy to display contains ads.

  • You can turn off these popup ads from displaying during your gameplay by turning off the Wi-Fi or data.
  • This way app is unable to get any ads from the internet. And popup ads are disabled from the app.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

Disable popup ads from smartphone: Turn on airplane mode

If you want no popup ads during your game, the best idea is to switch on your airplane mode on your smartphone. Because all ads require the internet to get automatically uploaded on your smartphone.

This way you’ll enjoy your offline gaming experience without any disturbance by popup ads.

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3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Game App

Disable popup ads from smartphone: Uninstall and reinstall app

If you do not want to turn on your airplane mode, because you don't wanna miss your important incoming calls, the best idea is to uninstall the offline gaming app and reinstall it, this way you’ll stop popup ads appearing on your smartphone

4. Clear Catches from Smartphone

disable popup ads from smartphone: clear caches

Clearing catches from your smartphone, is always the best option. When you uninstall a game from your phone, better to delete catches from your storage first and then reinstall the game app. So the app is unable to read your catches files and disables the popup ads.

5. Disable Data Consumption

disable popup ads from smart phone: Disable data consumption

 One of the simplest way, is to turn off the popup from smartphone gaming. Long tap on the game icon, and then click on the info and then disable the data consumption.

These are the quickest way you can disable popup ads from your smartphone, and you can enjoy your game, without any interruption of popups.

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