6 Mysterious and Haunting Gravity-Defying Hills & Hotspots

6 Mysterious and Haunting Gravity-Defying Hills & Hotspots

Believe it or not, sometimes nature also acts mysteriously and there are dozens of occurrences that have been in great discussion for ages. Such phenomena continue to baffle and haunt locals to date.

Even scientists get confused and scratch their heads when they see cars going downhill automatically without starting the car.

Today, we will be exploring some popular places that disobey the concept of universal gravity. These 6 gravity-defying hills have become a hotspot for tourists from all parts of the world.

Some Anti-Gravity Hill Locations and Other Places

1. Gravity Hill- Prosser, Washington

Here you see a strange and weird phenomenon where gravity works backward. If you put your car into neutral, you will see magic. The car starts rolling uphill automatically.

Locals believe the reason behind this occurrence is a paranormal spectrum of ghosts and aliens. But it’s just an “anti-gravity hill” or what researchers call, “magnetic hill”

This gravity road is not easy to find as it is down the street from an old grain elevator. It is located on North Crosby Road which is about 10-15 miles north of Prosser.

2. Spook Hill- Lake Wales, Florida

At spook hill, people say mysterious phenomenon occurs that gets caused by ghosts of alligators. The same activities happen here as that of Prosser gravity hill.

However, before the era of automobiles, horses would struggle to go downhill. Due to these curious properties, the town receives immense popularity.

There is an interesting story behind it as well.

“Folklores say, an Indian chief clashed an alligator that has been frightening the local village people. The fight was so intense that both of them died on the top of the hill. Now, the alligator spirit haunts the hill which looks like a peculiar optical illusion.”

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3. Peanut Street (Rua do Amendoim)- Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The residential street of Rua do Amendoim serves as ample space for parking for the locals. This gravity hill location is known for its mind-bending phenomenon. As soon as you apply emergency brakes to stop the car, you begin to see a gaining speed that gradually takes the car rolling uphill.

Folk explains it this way there's a massive deposit of iron lying beneath the street that draws the vehicle uphill via its magnetic pull. But in reality, it’s just an optical illusion. You can see dozens of videos capturing the strange phenomenon.

The place is accessible from Praça do Papa held at the joint of Rua Junventino Dias. A sing that shows “Rua do Amendoim- Curiosity” is the destination spot.

4. Mystery Spot-California

This place is located in the redwoods of California and was discovered by a cluster of surveyors. Now, it’s opened to the public.

Researchers started noticing various forces at work like standing at a particular angle without falling, a shorter person appearing taller, and a magnetic compass getting deflected.

After some surveys, it was concluded only a part of the area which is 150 ft wide shows such strange phenomena.

5. Hoover Dam

Hoover dam is an arch-gravity dam that is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It is on the border between the two states of the USA namely, Arizona and Nevada.

The place become a circle of attention when a video went viral. In the video, a tourist started pouring the water from her bottle which flowed upward instead of downwards.  The water is flown upward because of the powerful winds moving upward.

Since then, this gravity-defying spot has been attracting tourists from various parts of the world.

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6. Confusion Hill

This hill is said to possess a gravitational anomaly situated inside the redwood forest. You can experience strange and delightful brain fails at “Confusion Hill” that showcase anti-gravity properties.

Here you will see a room full of illusions like rolling the ball out of the window & having it back to you, a gravity chair, and standing on the walls.

Unfortunately, it is located amid a redwood forest that has been logged because of “a nuclear bomb decimation around the redwood forest”

These are some of the gravity-defying hills and other hotspots that are must to visit once in a lifetime.

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