6 Proven Tips To Improve Parent-Teen Relationship

The most important relationship for a child is one with their parents where they only crave the love, care, and attention of parents. But do teenagers actually get the understanding they need?

Parents believe that their actions and words are what the child requires. But in between their unconditional love and unending expectations, they end up hurting the child by their actions.

However, during adolescence, the child undergoes many psychological, physical, and mental changes that can make them feel miserable. When a child doesn't know how to deal with such difficult emotions, it becomes difficult to deal with them sometimes.

During adolescence, arguments and misunderstandings between the parent and child increase, which can even lead to long-term mental health issues. To build a healthy relationship with your child, let us have a look at some proven tips that can bridge the gap between parents and teens:-

Listen And Understand Their Perspective To Build A Healthy Relationship

Growing up, teens want someone to share their problems with. Most teenagers seek help from their friends because they trust them and believe that they will accept and understand them.

One of the most important things for a parent is to think about their child’s problems and concerns from their perspective. The first step to build a healthy relationship is to build trust. This can make your child feel secure and make your bond stronger.

Befriend Them

During teenage children fear that their parents will scold or abuse them for committing mistakes. This may result in misunderstandings and several major issues for the teens as well as parents.

To have a healthy relationship, try to become your child's best friend. Tell them about your life and experiences for a better understanding. During such conversations, avoid comparing your problems to theirs and try to accept their journey.

Respect Their Boundaries

Provide some space to your teen and always respect those boundaries. If you keep making decisions for them and leave no room for privacy, they might become aggressive and frustrated. Eventually, they may start making distances from you.

Allow them to explore life and make mistakes. Though, be aware that they don't get into wrongdoings by taking advantage of the freedom. 

Encourage Them To Express Their Emotions

Emotions are messy and no one exactly knows how to deal with them. So how can we expect these growing minds to deal with all these feelings properly?

Being a parent, you should try to encourage them to feel all the emotions and express them in a harmless, safe, and gentle manner. This will prevent baggage of emotions that may affect their mental health. 

Accept And Appreciate Their Efforts

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and accepted. You should always try to appreciate your teens for every effort they make. This will increase the self-love and confidence of the teen.

Never compare them with others and even if they commit a mistake, provide them guidance in the kindest manner. Avoid criticizing them or any negative comments, instead tell them their qualities. It can build self-esteem in the teen. 

Spend Quality Time With Them   

Try finding some common interests between you and your child. It will help you to spend time together and build a good bond. Play your teen’s favorite game, read some good stuff together, or plan a short family trip. Spending quality time with them can make them feel loved and wanted.

A perfect family is a myth, but you can surely make your family happy with proper understanding, care, and love. Adolescence is the most crucial stage of human life because it affects us the most. Thus, it becomes important for parents to pay more attention to their teens in these years.

Hope these tips help you in building a better relationship with your child.

Happy Parenting!!!!

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