6 Weird Valentine’s Day Traditions Worldwide

6 Weird Valentine’s Day Traditions Worldwide

Guys, today is the first day of Valentine’s Day i.e., “Rose Day” and stores are already flooded with rose bouquets, candies, chocolates, and stuffed toys. In India, you get to see flower shop brimmed with different styles of bouquet ideas, but not all countries celebrate Valentine's Day in the same way. Take a look on these six weird Valentine’s Day traditions all around the globe. You will be surprised to see how couples declare love in different ways on this special day.

Weird Valentine’s Day Traditions

United Kingdom

In England, women place five bay leaves under her pillow. The leaves is wet using rose water before placing it under their pillows. It’s to bring sweet dreams about their future husbands.

Jack Valentine becomes the Santa for Valentine’s Day. Children eagerly wait to see and hear Jack Valentine who knock their doors. Jack Valentine will offer small gifts, and candies to all the children.

South Africa

South Africa also celebrates Valentine’s Day like any other part of the world with flowers, and token of love. The women are accustomed to wear their hearts on the shirtsleeve with lover’s name pinned on the shirtsleeves. It’s an ancient Roman tradition popularly known as “Lupercalia.”


Philippines celebrate Valentine’s Day same as that of one celebrated in Western countries. Couples share a wedding day on 14th February. In the recent years, mass wedding ceremonies received huge popularity in the country. You can see couples gathered in public areas and at malls to get married and take a vow.

South Korea

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is popular among young couples. From February till April, a number of holidays are celebrated. However, February 14th turns out to be a gift-giving day when women woo their men with candies, flowers, and chocolates. March 14th is celebrated as “White Day” in which men shower their sweeties with flowers, and chocolates.

For those who don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day, the holiday turns out to be “Black Day.” On April 14th singles mourn their status by eating black-bean pasta noodles, and bowl of jajangmyeon.


In France, the most romantic city is Paris. This day is celebrated as lover’s day. The first V-Day card was originated in France when Duke of Orlean delivered love letter to his beautiful wife while staying imprisoned in 1415. That’s why V-Day card is popular tradition, especially in France.

Another interesting event is “drawing for love” or loterie d’amour in which women and men fill their houses facing one another. However, the men who seems to stay unsatisfied can leave their match for another women.


On Valentine’s Day, women take the first move in morning. She give her men gifts first than the other way around. Honmei-Choco, which is a homemade chocolate is the most popular gift in Japan. On March 14th, also known as “White Day”, men give their women white gifts and white chocolate as a sigh of love and affection.

February 14th is celebrated differently all around the world on the name of St. Valentine and these are some of the most weird ones. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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