7 Useful Health Tips for Pregnant Women During Covid Pandemic

7 Useful Health Tips for Pregnant Women During Covid Pandemic
Tips For Pregnant Women During Pandemic

Pregnancy is the most crucial and beautiful time for expecting mothers. Women undergo lots of changes and challenges during this time. But this pandemic has created plenty of concerns for expecting mothers. They are worried about the health and safety of their babies too. This has created lots of stress for them.

 Pregnant women need to be extra cautious this time and should take care of their health immensely. Hence there are several advice and tips for pregnant women during this pandemic that needs to be followed mandatorily.

 Health and Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

1. Boost Immunity

In the prevalent situation, it is very important that expecting women should emphasize on increasing immunity. Increase the intake of vitamin C, D and E. Involve more and more Iron, Zinc and folic acid in your diet. 

 Take healthy fluids, lime juice, bananas, sweet potatoes. Increase the intake of spinach, amla, strawberries, garlic, oranges. Also take calcium-rich foods like soya, milk, cheese and if required obtain calcium supplements.

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2. Take Balanced Diet

Balanced diet

 Use a healthy eating plan which includes a nutritious diet in order to maintain the health of both mother and child.

  • Regular intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables that are filled with vitamins and fibers
  • Maximum amount of proteins should be taken. Fish, beans, eggs, unsalted nuts and seeds are the rich sources of proteins
  • Have whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice and vitamin B foods
  • Take appropriate amounts of Folate such as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, etc
  • Lastly cut on sugar and extra salty foods. They are quite harmful to baby’s health

 3.  Be considerate of Proper Sanitization


Expectant females should take care of sanitizing themselves. Frequently wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Always have a tissue box with you, so that whenever you sneeze, properly sanitize with tissue papers. Avoid unnecessary touching of face, mouth, eyes and nose with hands. And maintain the proper hygiene and cleanliness.

 4. While Feeling ill

Feeling ill in pregnancy

If you feel ill with symptoms of flu, cold and have a fever, you should stay at home and consult doctors online or you can call the local health care service providers for advice. It is strictly not advised to take medicines without consulting a doctor. Or if the need arises you can go to hospitals but follow all the measures.

 As hospitals are giving the priority to testing pregnant women with Covid-19 symptoms. There are isolated pregnancy wards for confirmed Covid cases. Also intensified care is provided to those pregnant women with respiratory illness and breathing problems.

 5. Maintain A Distance From People Who Are Sick

This is necessarily required as pregnant women go through many physiological changes. Hence she becomes vulnerable to many diseases and illnesses. And if she acquires a high fever, it can lead to birth defects. So, extra safety is required in this part.

 6. Take adequate sleep and rest

To keep yourself healthy and energetic, it is necessary to take plenty of rest and sleep. It is important for the baby growing in your womb. Also, lack of sleep decreases immunity and increases restlessness and stress which is not good for the pregnancy phase. So, ensure that you take enough sleep and rest.

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 7. Emotional and mental well-being

Lastly take care of your mental health. As previously said this pandemic has created more challenges in the lives of pregnant women. This has created lots of mental havoc as well. So there is a need to take extreme care of yourself. Avoid watching the news to avoid anxiety. Do things that makes you feel happy.

 Just accept the way things, don’t try to question the situations. This will create more burden. Adopt a proper routine, do some Yoga, meditation and light exercises recommended for pregnant women. Connect with your family and loved ones. Take a healthier diet and most importantly cherish this beautiful phase of your life.

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