7 Beauty Trends That Kept Us Going Through 2020

7 Beauty Trends That Kept Us Going Through 2020

There's no need for an introduction or re-realization of how we all made it through 2020. While no one saw it coming, Covid-19 left us locked in homes. When we were social distancing, we had more than enough time to try some new beauty trends and create a few. We all tried our best to keep away the negativity of the pandemic with DIY make-up ideas and beauty trends. Since we are about to step into 2021, we thought of taking a glance at the most popular and most searched beauty trends. Let's get back into time and realize how these beauty trends made our days better.

1. DIY Hair Color 

Many of us could not keep ourselves from trying hair coloring at home during this lockdown. While the salons were closed and it became difficult to maintain hair, the DIYs came in handy. From DIY hair colors to at-home haircuts we tried everything. It was absolutely mood lifting. Hair coloring was fun with temporary hair colors.

2. Korean Skin Care 

The pandemic poised the need for all of us to reconsider our skincare routines. Before Covid-19 we hardly gave enough time to care for our skins. However, all the time during the lockdown was enough to get a crash course done in Korean skincare. This trend took the beauty markets by storm. There are a lot of things you need to know in order to pursue Korean skincare properly. While we had all the time we needed, it was easy to learn and get it done for ourselves. Here's a quick Korean skincare guide:

  • Cleanse your skin using oil and foam
  • Hydrate the skin with a toner.
  • Put on the sheet mask and relax.
  • Apply some serum
  • Use an eye cream
  • Apply moisturizer and finish with sunscreen.

3. Eyebrows At Home  

While we had to work from home and everything turned virtual, it was still important to look well-groomed. There were now newer problems from selecting a perfect outfit for the next meeting to getting eyebrows done at home. Although it was a real struggle, we learned the art well. In fact, people now worked on dying them maintaining them even well.

4. Glossy Eye Shadows  

Not even the pandemic could keep us from trying new makeup ideas. This year while everyone went under the masks, glossy makeup made a comeback and became a beauty trend. Glossy eye shadows remained the most popular searches. In fact, many women searched for easy ways to make their normal eye shadow look glossy.

5. DIY Face Packs 

With no salons, there was no option but to look for skincare solutions at home. We made our own body scrubs and face masks with the basics kitchen ingredients. These included gram flour, turmeric powder, coffee, and many other common ingredients. Most of the people searched for face masks this year.

6. All The Pinks In Lipsticks  

Makeup that made the face look dewy and natural remained another major theme of the year. As far as lip care is concerned, everyone preferred the pink pop. Pink lipsticks were also the most searched makeup items this year.

7. Ways To Keep Your Hair Off Your Face 

Whether you're doing household chores or practicing yoga, hair that comes up on the face over and over again, remain a major problem. Amid the pandemic, while everyone was home and did something like this, many searched for ways to keep their hair off the face. Some of the solutions are listed below:

  • Tie a neat ponytail using a scrunchie.
  • Use metal claw clips or plastic clips to tie a bun.
  • Make use of a headband when you want to keep your hair open.
  • Get quirky clips to keep the hair in place.

You can surely recollect many memories and experiences with beauty trends discussed here. 

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