7 Best Electric Bikes and Scooters To Buy In India

7 Best Electric Bikes and Scooters To Buy In India

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular these days in the country. They are affordable, environment-friendly and solve the issue of increasing petrol prices. Moreover, it eliminates major factors like air pollution, global warming, etc. For a middle-class household, it’s a true gift of evolving technology. However, when it comes to buying an electric bike in India, it could be a lit bit confusing due to diverse availability. That’s why we have curated the 7 best electric bikes and scooters to buy in India without getting into analysis paralysis.

Best Electric Scooters and E-Bikes in India

  1. REVOLT RV 400

REVOLT RV 400 is an AI-enabled electric bike that comes with features like a side stand sensor, motorcycle sounds, combi brake system, etc. It draws power from a lithium-ion battery (72V, 3.24kWh) and takes around 4.5 hours to fully charge itself.

The bike has a sleek LED headlamp upfront and wide handlebars. REVOLT RV400 has LCD instrument cluster & 4G connectivity. As far as safety is concerned, it has a combined braking system (CBS) installed in it. The cost of REVOLT RV400 begins at Rs. 90,799.


It’s an electric commuter bike that generates 3000 W power. The loading capacity of a fully-faired electric motorcycle is 170kg and it can run over 100kms in a single charge. Some of the features EVOQIS provides are a twin-pod headlight, split-style seats, front-turn indicators, music system, keyless entry, anti-theft lock, and LED lighting. The riding range is 140kms and the top speed it can achieve is 80kmph.

ODYSSE EVOQIS comes with a price tag of Rs.1.64 lakhs. It is available in 2 colors and 1 variant in India.


It is an electric monkey bike presented by JOY E-BIKE manufacturers. The bike gets its power from a lithium-ion battery (250W) and it takes 4.5 hours to recharge it fully. JOY E-BIKE MONSTER comes with hardware like disc brakes at either end, a rear mono-shock, an upside-down fork, and 14-inch wheels.

It can cover 75kms in a single charge. The maximum speed delivered by an e-bike is 25 km. The on-road price of a monster e-bike is Rs. 98,999.

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  1. Ampere Zeal

It is a performance-based electric scooter that gets charged from 1.8 portable Li-ion batteries. It takes 5 hours to charge up fully. The Ampere Zeal covers 80 km in a single charge and a top speed that can be achieved is 55 km. The price of Zeal EX electric scoot starts from Rs. 65, 999.

The electric scooter is super lightweight and is ideal for elders. The hardware comprises twin shock absorbers, drum brakes on ends, a combined braking system, and a telescopic fork. Along with this, it comes with features like an LED headlight, under-seat storage, an anti-theft alarm, and an apron-mounted storage compartment.

  1. Ather 450X

Ather 450X is manufactured entirely in India. The e-bike manages to compete with the best contenders on the list. It offers 3 different riding modes to comply with Indian roads. The 3300 W battery aids in producing an enormous amount of power and pushes it up to 80 kmph. On a single charge, it can cover 65 km.

This stylish-looking scooter comes with a price tag that starts from Rs. 1, 13,416 and goes up to Rs. 1, 32,426.

  1. Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj Chetak EV is an iconic Indian scooter and the most bought electric bike in India. It has a battery of 3KW that takes 5 hours to fully charge it. It offers a riding range of 85-95 km. Bajaj Chetak EV has a 3800w BLDC motor that can speed it up to 78 kmph. With 3 years warranty time, this classic scooter fits best for the Indian streets. The price of EV starts from Rs. 1, 00, 000 and reaches up to Rs. 1, 15, 000. Currently, it is available in two variants, Chetak Urbane and Chetak Premium.

  1. Atumobile Atum Version 1.0

Atumobile Atum is an EV startup that launched its 1st electric bike in September 2020. This retro-style electric bike is powered by a 48V, 27Ah lithium-ion battery pack which is connected to a 48V, 250w motor. The top speed reaches 25 kmph. The ideal time to fully charge it is 3-4 hours.

Atumobile Atum version 1.0 has a traditional fuel tank with lockable storage of 14-liter capacity. The bike is priced at Rs. 49, 999 excluding shipping and GST charges.

There are 7 best electric bikes and scooters to buy in India.

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