7 Most Embarrassing Claims Made By Fans Regarding Their Favorite Bollywood Celebrities

7 Most Embarrassing Claims Made By Fans Regarding Their Favorite Bollywood Celebrities

While Bollywood celebrities are privileged to have the limelight, stardom, and massive fan base, their lives are much more complicated than it seems. They often face horrible things that cannot even be explained. Although fans keep pouring love for their favorite Bollywood stars, there some who take it far beyond their limits and ethics. We have listed down some of the most bizarre and shocking claims made by fans regarding their favorite stars that will make you go what!!

 1. "Shahid Kapoor Is My Husband" 

Late actor Rajkumar's daughter Vastavikta, claimed to be Shahid Kapoor's wife in the year 2012. She used to follow Shahid everywhere he went and allegedly stalked him. Shahid filed a complaint against her for the same at Versova police station.

2. "Shah Rukh Khan Is My Son"

In 1996, a woman from Latur, Maharashtra, claimed to be Shah Rukh's mother. She said that she took him to Mumbai in the 1960s, where she worked as a laborer. She claimed that she lost him during that time. She said that she lost him and recognized him through a film's poster after all these years.

 3. "Raveena Tandon Is My Wife"

A man named Mahaveer Jaspal Pandav claimed Raveena Tandon to be his wife in the year 2014. Raveena Tandon and his husband Anil Thadani ignored this at first but later filed a complaint against him when he abused them and stalked their car. Further, strict action was taken against him while he was just trying to "protect" the actress.

4. "Dhanush Is Our Son"

A couple filed a case in the Madras High court in 2016 and claimed that Dhanush is their son. R Katiresan and Meenakshi, a Tamilian couple, not only filed a case but also asked for a monthly allowance of Rs. 65,000. They said that Dhanush was their third son who ran away from home years ago. They also showed some childhood pictures of Dhanush and claimed that they recognized him through some of his films.

 5. "I am Aishwarya's Son" 

This was one of the most shocking and bizarre claims made regarding Bollywood celebrities. Sangeeth Kumar, a 29 years old man, claimed that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was 44 then, is his mother. He claimed that she gave birth to him around six years before she dazzled with here Miss World Crown. Sangeeth adds Rai after his first and middle name for this reason. He claims to have been born by IVF in London in 1988.

6. "I Am Abhishek Bachchan's First Wife" 

A model named Jhanvi Kapoor attempted suicide in front of Bachchans' Mumbai residence in 2007 by cutting her wrist. She claimed that Abhishek's marriage with Aishwarya was unbearable to her.

7. "Kangana Ranaut Is My Girlfriend"

One of the actress' fans named Akash Bhardwaj claimed that she is his girlfriend. He was head over heels for Kangana, and this craziness made him believe that they were in a relationship.

Undeniably, Bollywood celebrities are worth seeking inspiration in many ways. However, fans' admiration for them often makes their life difficult. Fans should rather maintain ethics and limits.

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