8 Years of BJP Govt: Achievements and Failures, We Have Seen So Far!  

8 Years of BJP Govt: Achievements and Failures, We Have Seen So Far!   
8 years of BJP: Achievements and failures

BJP completed its 8 years rule on 26 May 2022, on this day 8 years ago Narendra Modi took oath as a Prime Minister for the first time, with the notion of “Ache Din”. Till date we have seen so many achievements as well as failures of BJP govt.

Achievements like Swachh Bharat Mission, Ujala Yojana for providing LED at low cost, Smart City Scheme, Start up India Plan and Key noted decision like Abrogation of Article 370, Stringent Terror Law, and Removal of Triple Talaq etc.

And there are many others, which helped in the progress and development of our nation and for the betterment of people.

But there are few decisions which rock the nation and its implement impacted badly to middle and lower class people, like demonetization, high inflation, rising unemployment rate etc.

 Today is BJP 8 year completion ceremony and we will discuss everything here.

Achievements and Failures of BJP Govt.


8 years of BJP: Achievements

1.Swacch Bharat Mission

No doubt this cleanliness campaign is one of the best achievements of BJP, initiated by our Prime Minister, with a mission to clean every corner of our country including rural and urban by eliminating open defecation system and improving solid waste management. Millions of people took part in this drive.

 2.Ujala Yojana

Saving Electricity by using more LEDs, it is a most efficient step taken by govt. Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All. Its main objective is to distribute LEDs at lower cost, to reduce the consumption of electricity and Co2 emission. Till date Govt. distribute 36.78 cr of LEDs bulbs and save upto 47,778 million units of electricity per year.

3.PM Mudra Yojana

This Scheme launched by Prime Minister Modi ji on 8 April 2015 for providing loan from 50 thousand to 10 lakhs to small business via cooperative banks, commercial and small finance banks.

 4.Abrogation of Article 370

One of the remarkable achievements of BJP govt. which is not done by any previous govt. This removes special status power of Jammu & Kashmir and it becomes union territory. Now the people of Jammu and Kashmir can take benefit of Indian laws.

5. GST -

Best move by BJP govt., as promise by Prime Minister Modiji ‘ One Nation One Tax’, pave the way for a country to have same tax laws applied to all states. GST improves India ranking in ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’

6.Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code -

BJP govt. biggest achievements in the field of banking sector. IBC Law launched in 2016 to tackle the problem of non-performing assets.

7.Startup India Scheme

This initiative main objective is to promote the growth of startup companies and create jobs for people. Under this initiative company should be register under the Department for Industrial Policy and Promotion get benefit of tax exemption, legal support. According to govt. startup rises to 65,861 this fiscal year.

 Failures of BJP Govt.

8 YEARS OF BJP: Failures


Dent on Indian Economy and consider a big failure of BJP govt. Many middle class to poor people suffer from this decision badly.

Former Chief Economist of World Bank Kaushik Basu said that this move is hurting people who aren’t its intended target as many individuals have no illegal money.

9.High Unemployment Rate

Unemployment is always an issue in India, but in BJP regime its rate is increasing, some call it due to covid or lack of strong vision to enhance employment. It is the area where Govt. is taking serious steps to increase employment.

According to Current reports of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) Data unemployment rate grew to 7.8% in April from 7.6 % in March.

10.Rising Fuel and Gas Price

BJP govt. failed to control the price of petrol and gases. High tax rates and Inflation rate reached to 7.8 and in April the price of these two commodities increased and burnt holes in the common man’s pocket. 

 BJP govt. marks its 8th anniversary. Every govt. went through some achievements and failures, BJP also not left alone in this path.

They achieved so many things through the robust implementation of so many schemes, which provide direct benefit to marginalize and middle class people. But there are some decisions which impacted badly our economy, now they are working on some strategy ,which help in our economic growth. Whether it is Make in India plan and Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, this govt. is continuously trying to take our country to the new heights.







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