9 Easy Tips To Beat Motion Sickness

9 Easy Tips To Beat Motion Sickness
Tips To Beat Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness is a feeling which usually triggers while traveling or by any movement. Some people may feel dizziness, headache, or nauseous while traveling on a bus, car, or any means of transport or even amusement rides. Though it’s not a life-threatening disease as it reduces soon after the movement stops. 

It usually happens to older people, pregnant women, children, or people having migraine headaches. Some people start feeling better as soon as the motion stops. In some cases, the sickness may be triggered because of the inner ear due to an infection caused by fluid. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the remedies to cure motion sickness or at least prevent motion sickness while traveling.

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Follow These 9 Tips To Cure Motion Sickness

1. Switch To Driver Seat

If you’re traveling as a passenger, then switching to the driver seat would be the best option to prevent motion sickness. According to Scientists, motion sickness occurs when your eye movement and movement sensed by your inner ear are different. While driving, these senses will easily connect.  

2. Concentrate On The Direction You’re Going

If driving won’t help, then concentrate on the direction you are going through. It will reduce the disconnection between your eye movement and the senses of the inner ear. Move from the rear seat to the front and focus on the windshield. The sitting front may reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

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3. Switch Your Position 

Some people may have witnessed that lying down may reduce the chances of motion sickness while some may prefer to travel while standing in such a situation. It depends on what type of travel you are having. If you are traveling on a bus then standing up is the best option. Meanwhile laying down would be better if you are traveling in a car or train.   

4. Take some fresh air

Switching towards the window seat or going out will help you overcome motion sickness much faster. If you are unable to do so, then turn the A/C toward your face or blow some air using a fan. 

5. Eat Some Snacks

Take some light snacks to help you ease nausea.  Avoid eating heavy or oily food as it may make your condition worse due to slow digestion. Some other light foods you can prefer: cereals, bread, apples or bananas. 

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6. Drink Some Water or Beverage

Take a sip of water or a light beverage to ease nausea. Avoid taking caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda beverages like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Taking caffeinated or soda beverages may lead to dehydration during such conditions. You can also prefer milk or apple juice. 

7. Divert Your Mind 

Try to divert your mind with music or indulge in some conversation to help you forget how you are feeling. As per some researchers, listening to music is one of the best options to cure nausea and reduce the chances of motion sickness.  

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8. Avoid Using Your Cellphone

Some people may face difficulty using a phone or even reading books while traveling. This happens because of disconnection between the hearing senses and eye movements. Focusing on something for a long time may worsen your condition and you may end up vomiting. Switch to audiobooks or take a nap to pass your time.  

9. Pressure Points 

Place your index, middle, and ring fingers on your left wrist and press it. It is referred to as the Nei-Kuan point and applying firm pressure will give you quick relief. Do it for 4 to 5 seconds on both wrists.

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