Airtel 5G Launched in India: All You Need to Know About the Eligible Cities, Plans&Activation

Airtel 5G Launched in India: All You Need to Know About the Eligible Cities, Plans&Activation
Airtel 5G Plan

Recently Airtel launched its plan in India, with the name Airtel 5G Plus Plan. It has started to roll out its services in a phased manner.

Everyone is curious about its speed, in which cities it’ll be launched, and Price of the plan.

Let’s check the latest detail of the Airtel 5G Plus Plan –

In Which Cities Will Airtel Plan be Launched?

Airtel 5G plan launched in Cities

Airtel launched its services in eight cities. It is said that it’ll launch its services in a phased manner.

Airtel will reach most of the urban cities by March 2023 and by March 2024 it should be able to cover the rest of the nation.

These 8 cities are -:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Siliguri
  • Nagpur
  • Varanasi

Internet Speed of The Airtel 5G Plan –

Airtel 5G plan Internet speed

Ookla is a network intelligence service, which tested the internet speed of the airtel 5G networks in India.

They get the highest 500 Mbps speed in India.

Delhi recorded – 197.98 Mbps downloaded speed

Mumbai recorded – 271.07 Mbps downloaded speed

Kolkata recorded – 33.83 Mbps downloaded speed

Varanasi recorded – Highest 516.57 Mbps downloaded speed

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How to Activate Airtel 5G Plus Plan on Your 5G Smartphones

Activation of Airtel 5G plan

Existing users of Airtel can avail the benefit of 5G services on their 5G smartphones with 4G SIM cards.

You should activate this 5G service on your phone by following the steps -:

  • Open your mobile phone and go to settings
  • Tap and open the mobile network
  • Open Airtel SIM
  • Tap on the ‘preferred network type’ option
  • Now you have to select the 5G network type

Note – If 5G has been launched in your area, then you’ll be able to see a 5G icon on the status bar.

You can check the availability of Airtel 5G services in your area through the Airtel Thanks App.

Airtel 5G Plans Tariffs –

Airtel 5G plan tariffs

Telecommunication companies will not charge a higher price for 5G services.

Airtel 5G plus tariffs are going to be the same as the 4G Tariffs plan. So you’ll enjoy 5G services at a minimum price.

5G Enabled Smartphones –

5G smartphones

Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo have come with 5G connectivity support.

You can check here which mobile handset supports the 5G services – Click Here

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