Home-Made Chocolate: A True Catalyst For Romance

Home-Made Chocolate: A True Catalyst For Romance

Honestly tell, which sweet type creates the most memorable part of your life? Without a second guess, it’s 100% a box of rich and creamy dark chocolate. Chocolate is all time No.1 sweet type each one of us inherently craves for. Also, it’s a good go-to gift for special days like “Chocolate Day” because chocolate is all you need to unlock the doors of your sweetie’s heart.

However; the chocolate we purchase from stores contains loads of sugar which can affect our health badly. So, why not ditch store chocolates and go healthy this Chocolate Day?

Let’s make super-delicious home-made chocolate this Valentine and spread love without ruining your and your significant health. Given below are some home-made chocolate ideas to make at home.

1. Filled Chocolates

Filled chocolates are made with dark chocolates and melted milk. To begin with, all you require is a chocolate mold, chocolate bars, and fillings. But remember the mold you will use must be heat safe. For fillings you can take things like cherries, nuts, pomegranate seeds, etc. Since, all of them are healthy they are perfect option for making home-made chocolates.

How to Make?

Chop the dark chocolates and melt in a boiler. Now, use a spoon and pour the melted chocolate in molds. After it gets dried, fill the shell completely with dry fruits. Now, carefully put the mold tray in freezer or fridge so that it gets set. It will take around 15-30 minutes to get it set.

2. Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars

Isn’t it looks amazing? Super creamy red velvet cheesecake bar are enough bring water in your mouth. The rich chocolate cheesecake bar features crispy crust and dusted powder. To being with, you need chocolate cracker crumbs, granulated sugar and unsalted butter. For filling, you need vanilla extract, cream cheese, salt, and red food coloring.

How to Make?

First of all, preheat over up to 350° F and line a baking pan using parchment paper and grease it slightly. Next, crush all the ingredients and combine it. Press it down firmly to form a layer and bake it for 8-10 minutes.

Use another bowl and beat sugar, and cream cheese. Add vanilla, cocoa powder, eggs, food coloring, and salt with running hands. Next pour this mixture in the prepared pan and spread it evenly. Finally, bake it for 35 minutes and get it cooled after transferring it to the fridge.

Your red velvet cheesecake bar is ready to serve. Optionally top off the bar with sweetened whipped cream or powdered sugar.

Bonus: Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Commercially made dark chocolate bars are made using loads of sugar which makes it health for the health conscious people like bodybuilders, etc. If you are also a gym enthusiastic then you can make Paleo and Vegan homemade sugar-free chocolate at home. It require handful of ingredients like cocoa powder, butter, and vanilla extract.

How to Make?

First of all, you need to mix the butter or coconut oil in the good quality cocoa powder. Stir it and add salt, and vanilla in it. Now take a mini loaf pan and pour the mixture in it. Bring it to room temperature after setting in fridge for 30 minutes. It’s ready to eat.

It’s time to give a little tweak to this Chocolate day by making chocolate at home for your sweetheart.

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